Your review requires you to interact with the content of the movie

Your review requires you to interact with the content of the movie in a way that allows for an understanding of the impact that movies can have on the coaching process. Each movie review must be at least 3-4 pages and be in current APA format. Your paper should include the following APA headings: The Review
Give your impression of the movie with a brief description of the plot summary. Resist the urge to retell the whole plot of the movie; instead, share the scenes that had the greatest impact on your thinking as a life coach.
Coaching Implications
What makes this film appropriate for use in a coaching conversation? How would a client benefit from watching these scenes in the film? What coaching techniques were utilized? Were these techniques effective? For this section, you will need to reference and cite specific life coaching concepts from the course texts and materials. Also, this section should not be a section of self-
reflection, but instead should be focused solely on the application of life coaching principles to the selected movie.
Personal/Professional Implications
How did you connect with the movie on a personal and professional level? How did it confirm or challenge some of your perceptions of the coaching process? How will you utilize this information personally and professionally to impact your delivery of coaching services?