Young people often go into marriage with a “happily ever after” feeling

Young people often go into marriage with a “happily ever after” feeling, even when they have had marriage counseling to help them prepare for the challenges. Sometimes they believe, “It will not happen to me.” By reflecting on some of the challenges, students can gain some expertise in helping those who are going through difficulties and/or become aware of how they themselves have met the challenges in their own lives.
Read Chapter 12 of the textbook by Santrock
Consider the challenges in marriage and parenting in terms of meeting the demands of work and keeping one’s relationships healthy.
Write a 1-2 page reflection addressing the following points.
React to Gottman’s five principles of how to make marriage work (Write one paragraph for each principle). How have you seen these principles displayed in your own life?
What happens in a marriage when the first child arrives? How do Gottman’s principles apply?
Share any personal joys and/or challenges of work, relationships, and/or parenting which you have worked on or are working on in your own life, incorporating Gottman’s principles.