You are a Charge Nurse on the day shift

You are a Charge Nurse on the day shift. You are asked by the nursing supervisor to deal with a complaint from one of the night shift nurses that some of the day nurses are unhappy about a particular nurse. The word on the floor is that the director of nursing considers this particular nurse one of the best on the day shift, but according to the day nurses she is a bully to her peers and mean to her CNAs.


Create a staff training in the form of a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the use of conflict management techniques in addressing lateral violence and bullying. Imagine that you will be presenting this to the staff based on the scenario above.


1) Presentation includes strategies for communicating role expectations to the abusive nurse as well as the progressive discipline process should expectations not be met.


2) Presentation includes a process or plan for evaluating the effectiveness of the interventions.


3) Includes a specific and thoughtful description of the role of the charge nurse, nursing supervisor, and director of nursing in conflict resolution and progressive discipline in a just culture.

Provides specific strategies for managing lateral violence and bullying that are relevant to the scenario provided, including detailed steps and explanation of how at least one strategy will be used.