Written Assignment #1 (Due end of Week 4)

Written Assignment #1 (Due end of Week 4)


Submit a 3-4 page narrative paper that reflects on your growth mindset and learning journey (you will also submit an accompanying drawing, see below).  The paper should includes three sections as described below.

Part I – Growth Mindset

  • Briefly summarize your growth mindset survey results and reflect on them.  Do you agree with the results? Why or why not?  What was most surprising? What resonates  most with you?   Be sure to reference the Carol Dweck video / article and your own growth mindset assessment to support your points.

Part II – Learning Journey

A learning journey is a description of your growth mindset throughout various phases of your life and career.  Tell us about your learning journey, by covering the following points.

  • Describe points along the way of your learning journey — where you had a growth or a fixed mindset, and how did you know?
  • What were 3-5 major milestones along the way?  These could be significant points in your life, and/or where your growth mindset shifted one way or the other.  Describe these milestones.
  • Describe the skills that were developed along each section of your learning journey and/or those that correspond to your milestone.

To accompany your paper, also submit a drawing of your learning journey (this should be submitted as a separate file — it is not included as one of the pages of your paper, but submitted as an appendix.)  Use this drawing as the anchor for your narrative in this section.   Please keep your drawing simple — stick figures are fine.  It is okay to include descriptive labels on your drawing, but otherwise try not to include too much text — save that for the paper.  Submit a scan or photo of your drawing to the dropbox along with your paper.

Part III – Application

  • Given what you have learned about growth mindsets and organizations, how might you incorporate this concept at work, either to your own professional development or when developing L&D initiatives for a company/organization?


Grading Criteria

  • 60 total available points for written portion — be sure to address all questions outlined above, cite sources and stay within the 3-4 page limit to receive full credit.
  • 30 total available points for drawing — this is more up to your interpretation and reflections; you will not be graded on artistic ability.