write a research paper on a topic that is related to social psychology

write a research paper on a topic that is related to social psychology. Social psychology is not without its problems, of course. If you would like to talk about these problems, our social psychology issue topic for the research paper is The topic of this research paper for social psychology is “Autistic children can’t fit in our society. What are social problems faced by children with autism, also parents and family”
Just in case if you think the topic is not good and is not related to social psychology or it is a good topic for social psychology but it needs to be rewrite the topic to make it more strong topic you can change it.
A scoring outline for the research paper will be upload on files. All of the scoring outline should be cover in this research paper. Papers should be approximately 6 to 8 pages in length, and will count as the final grade.
Please follow the research paper scoring outline make sure you cover the research paper scoring outline. The research paper should have the complete score of the outlines. Please no Wikipedia for research please use for research paper educational source edu,org,gov and google scholarly for research. I should not see random source that doesn’t make sense.