What has surprised you as you have encountered the concept of plagiarism


1. What has surprised you as you have encountered the concept of plagiarism? How have your views of using the other people’s words and ideas changed?

2. what do you feel most comfortable about when it comes to plagiarism? Where do you need to improve your handling of source material?


1. as a retailer, what would you expect from a good supplier in terms of added services and perks?


1. What kind of retailers would be best suited to direct deliveries from manufacturers?

2. What kind of retailers would be better served by milk run deliveries?


For this week, give a hypothetical example of each of the six types of risk to a global supply chain, as described in this chapter. While this is being asked to be hypothetical, it can be a real example. Given what is happening in the world today, you may pull a real example from the news headlines and talk about these six risks. The choice is yours to make.


If you were a retailer, are there any business functions that you would not even consider outsourcing to a third-party service provider (3PL)? If not, why not? Your choice of a type of retailer could be some local one person business, such as Bob’s Fruit Stand or a larger company such as Walmart.


1. Think of a product that you buy regularly. Now, describe who the members of the distribution channel might be. From what you notice as a consumer, are they doing a good enough job? Why, or why not? 2. What was the most important thing you learned in this class regarding supply chains?


1. What is the difference among an APS, a CRM, and an ERP system?

2. Which of the three would be most beneficial to a retailer who could not afford all three?