Weekly Discussion

There is a relationship between natural resources and the civil war. Back to history, most of the nations that got into the war fought for having power over the available natural resources. For instance, the British colonization of the African countries looked for those regions that were rich in natural resources and focused on exploiting them to support the growth of the economy in the home country. However, since the people in the African nations recognized the importance of the resources, they always got into conflicts that led to civil wars (Ross, 2003). The fact that each of the groups wanted control over the natural resources led to the eruption of war. In the present day, when oil is discovered in different parts of the world, there is the likelihood of conflicts that will in the long-term lead to wars among the people. Therefore, it is clear that there is a link between natural resources and civil wars as in most cases they facilitate their development. The civil wars have a negative impact on the lives of the population