Transformational Life Coaching

Transformational Life Coaching is my cognate area of study with an emphasis on Christian Counseling. I believe that principles of being a Christian Transformational Life Coach include a strong faith, a firm belief in God’s truth found in His Word, and a perseverance to face challenges that life brings with a willingness to guide others on their path unconditionally. As a Transformational Life Coach, I utilize my interpersonal and counseling skills to foster transformation, motivation, and change in individuals and organizations. By focusing my bachelor’s in psychology on Life Coaching skills and Christian Counseling skills, my purpose is to give alignment to my client through the Word of God, and their unique goals to accomplish what they feel purposed to do, and what they are motivated to achieve (Aboujaoude, 2020).
As a Transformational Life Coach, I analyze situations, research different perspectives and psychological studies that would further enhance my client’s personal transformation (Aboujaoude, 2020). Each client is unique in their personality, situations, environments, goals, aspirations, relationships, spirituality, community etc.… My goal is to help clients map out a plan using mindfulness instruments and self-awareness test for them to know where they are currently, where they want to go, and what steps it will take to achieve those goals in a timely manner (Brown, 2013; Aboujaoude, 2020).
What motivates me to help others transform their lives in alignment with the Word of God is that there are always transformations at each phase of our lives, and I have had the blessing of having amazing mentors that walked with me through some of life’s hardest challenges. Being a military brat and moving constantly during my high school years (7 different high schools), I learned quickly how to analyze my new surroundings and adapt while still pursuing my educational goals. Marrying a military man kept me on the move for another 20 years as we lived all over the globe and nation while homeschooling three boys. Learning to adapt and enjoy new situations and surroundings while encouraging other along the way has paved the way for this pursuit. God has given me the purpose of helping others to align themselves, their purpose, and their plans to God’s Word.
We each have unique issues plaguing us as we move forward in life achieving goals. As a transformational life coach, I aim to help individuals from staying stagnant in their life, to reach their God given potential at the stage in life they find themselves in, and to plan for a better future no matter what their past brought (Aboujaoude, 2020). Their future starts with aligning themselves with God’s Word and stepping forward in faith at what God has ingrained within them. We are to surround ourselves with wise advisors, to plan out the best path forward, and to seek help when obstacles seem taunting. As I continue to develop my professional identity as a Transformational Life Coach, learning and practicing mindfulness techniques will help me to incorporate what I do into who I am (Dong, Miles, Abell, & Martinez, 2018). I pray that you also can fearfully, and fiercely walk forward in faith to what God has designed and written for you life.
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