three part essay

This is a three part essay based on a scenario (outlined below) of the Simpson family comprised of Ezra (32 years old husband and father) Millie, (24 years old, pregnant mother), Daisy (3 years old) and unborn baby (gestation 26 weeks). Ezra is a mini cab driver, who recently had an accident, suffered a whiplash and has been unable to work for 2 weeks. Millie is a stay at home; she is 26 weeks pregnant and hoping to finish her hairdressing course after giving birth. Daisy is a 3-year-old child in nursery. Recently, the family is having some financial difficulties, which is having a negative effect on them. Daisy shows signs of withdrawal and angry outburst at nursery and an investigation is commenced. This essay critically evaluates how personal and professional values and beliefs can affect and prejudice child protection work.