This module will enable students to build key skills and knowledge that will enable them to maximise the value

This module will enable students to build key skills and knowledge that will enable them to maximise the value they gain from the MBA and accelerate their return to studying successfully as independent learners at Level 7.

The aims of the Boot Camp are to ensure that students:

• have clearly defined goals for the programme and a plan to achieve them
• understand the structure of the course, the assessments and how they will learn
• are ready to start their first module

The module is intended to prepare students to critically read and evaluate research and practice within their chosen field of study and then to design a research proposal for their final project

Prior learning requirements



Topic LO Addressed

1. Welcome to London Met 1
2. What is Business Management All About? 1
3. The Business Environment Today 1
4. Course and module structure 1
5. Learning, Teaching and Assessments 8
6. What’s Your Goal? Introduction to coaching and being coached 2
7. Introduction to problem solving  2
8. Learning from Case Studies 3
9. Report Writing Skills 4
10. Presentation Skills 5
11. Team and Group Working 5
12. Library Resources 6
13. Managing Knowledge  6
14. Online Tools 6,7
15. Personal Development Planning 2-7

Balance of independent study and scheduled teaching activity

Students will study the topic online and independently using the materials provided on the VLE. In addition they will attend three 2 hour workshops.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module students will:
1. understand the structure and context of the course
2. have understanding of the tools and techniques for business problem solving including problem definition, data gathering and analysis
3. understand how and why case studies are used and the approach to solving them
4. know the expectations for writing and presenting and be able to create a professional business report using MSWord
5. understand how to be effectively in a group or team
6. understand how to use the universities online resources to access and reference relevant books, journals and articles
7. understand how to participate in online, blended and face to face learning effectively
8. understand the approach to learning and teaching including assessment, how to avoid plagiarism, and referencing

Assessment strategy

Students will prepare a short business report based on a case study. They will also submit a CV and a reflection on the module.