Theory & Application Questions

Theory & Application Questions
After completing the reading & remember to reference your work:
Identify and describe three strengths of this approach.
Identify & describe one limitation of this approach.
What are the fundamental skills used to form a therapeutic relationship and alliance with the client? Name 2 counselor characteristics necessary for positive client outcomes.
How does this approach use clinical evaluation, diagnostic interviews and assessment?
What tools would you use for crisis intervention?
What interventions would assist with diverse populations?
Identify, describe, define (with a reference) three concept /terms associated with this approach (i.e.- therapeutic alliance, transference, resistance…).
What specific tools would this approach use for screening for aggression, substance abuse, addiction, gambling, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, suicide/homicide ideation/intent, self-injury (cutting), eating disorders, co-occurring disorders, sexual problems, or family history that would be helpful in a clinical assessment?
Write an example of a measurable goal you would set for a client using this approach (Client will score 20 or below on the Beck Depression Inventory for 5 consecutive sessions.