The paper should cover the prevalence, causes & risk factors, signs/symptoms

The paper should cover the prevalence, causes & risk factors, signs/symptoms, diagnosis & tests, treatments, and prevention for type 2 diabetes The paper should also include at least 5 steps healthcare workers can take to prevent acquiring.
Be sure to include research data in the paper, and all papers must use at least three resources to examine the topic (at least one must be a book or research article). Do not cite websites unless the author, date, and authenticity of the website can be demonstrated. Along with an overview of the topic, please address in the conclusion how this knowledge will impact your career as a medical assistant in your report.
Are there enough relevant details and examples from the research data and original ideas to fully support and explore the project’s main ideas?
Are sources cited?
2. Conclusion-
Is the main point clearly expressed?
Does the conclusion relate to the topic and make a further observation?
Is how this knowledge helpful as a medical assistant stated clearly?
“Having this knowledge is going to benefit me” is not adequate.
Are paragraphs organized and arranged effectively in MLA format?
Are topic sentences clear and supported with relevant details and examples?
Are ideas focused and connected?
Are ideas, examples and details connected with transitional words and phrases?
Are all sentences complete, instead of fragmented or run-on?
Are there spelling errors, misplaced/dangling modifiers or typing errors?
Are there margins, spacing, formatting and punctuation correct?
Is the first sentence of each paragraph indented five spaces?
Are contractions being used? (There should be none.)
No use of “I” or “You” or any derivative of these pronouns.
Introduction- Give an overview of the disease
Prevalence or History/Statistics- How long has this disease been around? Who discovered it? How prevalent is this disease in our population? What populations does it affect?
Etiology and Pathophysiology? Be able to explain what causes the disease and what that disease does to the body. Do not just list the organism, but how it affects the body.
Signs/Symptoms- How does that disease process manifest as signs and symptoms? *Please do not put a bulleted list of signs & symptoms. Put the signs and symptoms in 1-2 paragraphs and try to explain the etiology of some of the signs and symptoms.
Diagnosis- How is the disease diagnosed? What physical and laboratory tests are done to confirm the diagnosis? Explain the tests and do not just state results.
Medical- Explain the medical treatments, therapies, surgeries and drugs used to treat this disease. Do not just list the drugs, but be able to explain how the drugs work.
Alternative- Explain if there is any research for alternative therapies or diet and lifestyle changes that have been found to be beneficial for treating this disease. Again, please explain the mechanism of how these changes impact the disease.
Prevention- Are there anyways that this disease can be prevented? List 5 steps/examples. Make sure to explain how these preventative changes benefit the patient and prevent the disease.
Conclusion- How is this information relevant to you as an MA? Discuss how this research paper will affect you as a Medical Assistant.
a) Do not use “You” or “I” or any other derivatives when writing a research paper except for the conclusion, because it denotes your opinion. Also do not use contractions. (i.e. don’t)