Order 1357822 Self-Analysis of Assumptions Values and Biases

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  Format of citation APA
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Think about  the terms “assumptions,” “values” and “biases” as they have been defined  in peer review literature. Consider your own your personal assumptions,  values, and biases (we all have them!).  In 2–3 pages, write a paper (APA Style) that includes the following:  Briefly define (using peer-reviewed literature) the terms assumptions,  values, and biases as they relate to professional practice in human and  social services. Explain how these concepts differ from one another. Explain why it is important to be aware of your personal assumptions,  values, and biases when working with human and social services clients. Identify and discuss a few of your personal assumptions, values, and  biases as they relate to your chosen human and social services  professional field. Provide examples to support your self-assessment of  each of these areas and what you should do as a professional to ensure  that you are acting ethically and being culturally competent. Explain how you, as a professional, will utilize your assumptions,  values, and biases to further social change.