Nursing Advocates

An advocate is a person who recommends a certain policy for other people’s interest.
Therefore a nursing advocate is person who intervenes between a doctor and patient. He or she gives patient further information about a prescription given so as to make sure patients accept their prescription thus controlling conflict that may arise between a doctor and a patient whose beliefs and customs are conflicting with a prescription given. For example a patient may be diagnosed with a health problem that requires surgery but due to religious beliefs and practices this patient may not be ready to undergo the surgery (Lubkin, and Larsen, 2006). In such cases nursing advocates intervenes by explaining to the patient how important the surgery is to their health. There various nursing advocates who brought changes in public policy. All these nursing advocates had one aim; to reform the health care facilities to ensure that patients were able to receive quality services. Their main concern was humanity where they ensured that all individual rights were respected despite who they are or their economic status. They helped in intervening for the patients to ensure that they were able to take good care of themselves and adapting to new changes in the health care