MN7P13 – Building Business Insights

This module provides students with the opportunity to work on specific management and business issues that organisations are facing. Utilising their problem-solving skills and competences of handling and managing business challenges. Starting from problem identification and concluding with solution related recommendations, thus encouraging research into real world business and management issues impacting organisations.
Building Business Insights brings together the learning processes from the whole MBA programme. It encourages the synthesis of knowledge, theories and skills developed in the modules during the previous terms in order to provide realistic solutions to contemporary business and management challenges.

Educational Aims

This applied module aims to allow students to:

• Integrate their prior knowledge into an in-depth investigation of specific management and business problem or issue and present the results
• Facilitate the identification of topical issues in the business/management area of interest
• Assimilate theories and concepts drawn from different areas and the wider business/management literature
• Develop and implement strategies in information gathering, analysis, and synthesis, and in building compelling arguments
• Apply reflective practice, ensuring models and concepts can be used effectively in the critical evaluation of your performance.
• Synthesise knowledge, experience and reflective practice to continually develop professional skills and competences.

Examples of projects that you might consider include:
• Evaluation of an opportunity to enter a new market. This might be an international market where there is as yet no competition, a new value proposition for an SME, or an innovative start-up
• Evaluation of a specific firm’s strategy and performance e.g. how an energy firm such as BP is responding to climate change, or an automotive company responding to the impact of shared ride platforms on car ownership
• Analysis of disruption in an industry and the implications for a specific incumbent e.g. how should used car dealerships respond to the impact of online marketplaces like We Buy Any Car and Motorway
• Analysis of the impact of technology change on a company, industry or sector e.g. how are bots impacting online sales of scarce products such as limited availability fashion or tech products
• Analysis of trends to create potential strategic scenarios for a firm or industry e.g. what are the future scenarios for car manufacturers in terms of the next dominant design
• Analysis of competition in a specific market or industry and recommendations for a specific company e.g. global competition in the rapidly growing e-scooter industry.
• Creating a business plan for a new business.

Prior learning requirements

100 credits gained at Level 7


This is a project related module

Balance of independent study and scheduled teaching activity

This is a project module with the majority of the time invested in guided research and portfolio development. Students will attend 12 hours of workshop based teaching at the start of the module and also be able to access 12 hours of supervision time.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the module, students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate the different approaches to business/management issue(s) in the context of their chosen area to be investigated, with the use of appropriate evidence-based information and theory.

2. Discuss and critically evaluate the different perspectives of related evidence-based and theoretical literature including appropriate referencing from diverse sources.

3. Demonstrate acumen in the design, planning, selection and collection of evidence in investigating the chosen issue using primary and/or secondary data as deemed appropriate

4. Communicate effectively including your collection of evidence in the form of reports using appropriate formats in a well-structured report

5. Utilise reflective practice techniques to critique your performance and identify improvements.

6. Demonstrate the development of independent and self-managed learning

Assessment strategy

This module is assessed through the submission of a portfolio. The portfolio is a collection of work that shows how you have achieved the intended learning outcomes of the module and the total word count should not exceed 10,000 words. Your portfolio will have four components as shown below.

1. Business Insights Report (70% of module grade)

Word count: up to 8,000 words (excluding title, bibliography, references and appendices)

Your report should include the rationale for the project, the business context including literature review, approach, findings, analysis, conclusions and recommendations.

You are expected to draw upon a wide range of management knowledge to inform your approach and to justify or critique your final conclusions and recommendations.

2. Evidence of collected data (10% of module grade)

You will need to submit evidence (collected data) with your report. The submission needs to be electronically stored (Web Learn) depending on the nature of the data (e.g. a document or pdf file with interview transcripts or observation notes, excel file with questionnaire data or your collection of secondary data). You should ensure that how you have analysed and interpreted this data is clearly presented.

3. Reflective Practice Report (10% of module grade)
Word count: 750 words

Discuss the challenges faced during the development of the Business Insights Report, how you dealt with them and whether and in what ways the learning journey benefited you as a professional and an individual. This is a brief critical analysis of the value you have added through both the execution in Building Business Insights project and your professional experience.

You will be encouraged to create a blog on one of several free and log your thoughts, difficulties and actions in developing your Business Insights Report. You can, also, include the link of your blog in the reflective statement

4. Recorded Video Presentation (10% of module grade). You will be required to prepare a short video presentation (max. 10 mins) discussing:

A) How the submitted elements of the portfolio meet the module learning outcomes and
B) Articulate the relevance of the experience gained within this module has to your future career aspirations and identify any future development needs.

All four components must be submitted