Medical Care for an Aging Population

Medical Care for an Aging Population Introduction According to recent statistics, over two million old and weak people depend on the services of nursing homes and almost half of them consider it their home. The family members of these individuals are usually of the opinion that these nursing homes will provide top notch care services to their loved ones. Nevertheless, it has been noted most of the nursing homes today have lowered their standards which have compromised their quality of service. In one particular nursing home, there were incident reports which showed that there were serious misconducts which caused serious harm to the people residing in the said nursing homes (Briesacher, & Gurwitz, 2009). For instance, it was noted that some of the aged people residing
there were neglected or rather put in dehumanizing conditions that had an adverse impact on their health. Additionally, it was also noted that some went for even a week without being bathed. The agenda of this essay will be to critically look at the policies held in nursing homes that accommodate the aging population as well as how best to improve working conditions of nurses who take care of the said age people.