Learning in Times of Global Crisis

Week 1 – Learning in Times of Global Crisis: Introduction
Essential/ pre-session readings:
Kontopodis, M. (2012). Neoliberalism, Pedagogy and Human Development: Exploring Time, Mediation and Collectivity in Contemporary Schools. London and New York: Routledge/ Taylor & Francis. Pages: 12-28 & 50-57.
*Kontopodis, M., Magalhaes, M. C., & Coracini, M. J. (Eds.). (2016). Facing poverty and marginalization: 50 years of critical research in Brazil. Bern, Oxford and New York: Peter Lang. Pages: 127-145.

Week 2 – Learning in socio-cultural-historical perspective (i)
Essential/ pre-session reading:
*Lave, J. (1991). Situated learning in communities of practice. In L. Resnick, J. Levine, and S. Teasley (eds.) Perspectives on Socially Shared Cognition. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Week 3 – Learning in socio-cultural-historical perspective (ii)
Essential/ pre-session reading:
Blunden, A. (2008). Vygotsky’s unfinished theory of child development. Online publication – see MOLE.

Week 4 – Learning, development & capabilities
Essential/ pre-session reading:
Hart, C.F. (2016) How Do Aspirations Matter? Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, 17(3), 324-341.

Week 5 – Deconstructing cognitivism, behaviourism & biopedagogies
Essential/ pre-session reading:
Kontopodis, M. (2013). Biomedicine, Psychology and the Kindergarten: Children at Risk and Emerging Knowledge Practices. Sport, Education and Society, 18(4), 475-493.

Week 6 – Learning, critical pedagogy & countryside education
Essential/ pre-session reading:
Giroux, H. A. (2003) Public pedagogy and the politics of resistance: notes on a critical theory of educational struggle. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 35(1), 5–16.
Kontopodis, M. (2012). Neoliberalism, pedagogy and human development: Exploring time, mediation and collectivity in contemporary schools. London and New York: Routledge/ Taylor & Francis (pages: 71-87).

Week 7: Learning, distributed cognition and post-humanism
Essential/ pre-session reading:
Kontopodis, M., & Ferrin, N. (2017). Playing sports with Nintendo Wii in Berlin: Technography, interactivity and imagination. In M. Kontopodis, C. Varvantakis, & C. Wulf (Eds.), Global youth in digital trajectories (pp. 39-52). London: Routledge.

Week 8 – Learning to become gendered sexual subjects: The role of education
Essential/ pre-session reading:
DePalma, R., & Atkinson, E. (2009) ‘No Outsiders’ Moving beyond a discourse of tolerance to challenge heteronormativity in primary schools’, British Educational Research Journal, 35(6(, 837-855.
Slater, J., Jones, C. & Procter, L. (2017) Troubling school toilets: resisting discourses of ‘development’ through a critical disability studies and critical psychology lens. Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 1-12.

Week 9: Synthesis: Learning and community in a hyper-connected world
Essential/ pre-session reading:
Introduction of: Kontopodis, M.; Varvantakis, C. & Wulf, C. (Eds) (2017). Global Youth in Digital Trajectories. London: Routledge (pp. 1-11)

Week 10: Contextualising learning in the British educational system
Essential/ pre-session reading:
Check MOLE for the essential reading on this session.