Journal: Advocacy and the Health Professional 

1, Explain what global health is and how it relates to population health. In relation to the patient or client, what is your role as a healthcare professional? 

2, What do you know and understand about advocacy? What opportunities for advocacy do you see in your current or future career as a Public health professional?
3, What questions do you have about the role of advocacy in your career?

No pliagrism , 1 page, 2 references, APA format.


In this journal,
Reflect on the knowledge, based on theories of development.
Discuss what skills can be developed from having this knowledge.
Evaluate what ethical considerations should be taken when applying these skills.
Your journal this week should be 400 to 500 words and have an introduction and a conclusion You should include citations as needed to support your ideas. As this is your personal reflection about the material this week, your journal should limit the use of quoted material. Proper grammar should be applied. At minimum, cite your text to support your assertions within your explanation, but you may also use additional scholarly sources