journal article

Please conduct an online literature search for recently published research (e.g., a journal article) on your topic of interest. There are two specific requirements to satisfy this assignment: 1) the topic must be one that is related to adulthood and aging; 2) the information must be current (published in a scholarly journal within the last two years).
When you locate an appropriate source pertaining to the chosen topic, your task is to: 1) read the article, 2) answer the following 3 questions in your own words and 3) provide a link to the article and/or cite the article.
In your post, based on the article that you read, I want you to answer three questions in about 250 words: 1) What do you think are the key point(s) of interest? 2) How is this information relevant to material covered in PSYC 4180(Adult and Aging Psychology)? 3) What is your reaction to this article? Do you agree or disagree with the conclusions drawn in the article? Why?