Same company of ASS 2
use APA citations intext citation
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Part 1
Describe the listed risks below for the company you have chosen. You may add to this list to address risks that you find in the company that you have chosen for your Key Assignment.
Evaluation of Risk Effects Data CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability)
Computer Security and Accessibility
Fire Risk
Flooding Damages
Risk of Stealing or Tampering With Sensitive Data
Power Failure
System Administration
Backup Recovery
Part 2
Develop a checklist that will be used to implement the mitigation to the risk, in Week 4. Following is an example of what should appear on your checklist. Alter this for your chosen company.
A copy of the last audit report
System administration of IT accounts
The installed and updated software and hardware
List of all incremental backups and daily backups
List of any new installed IT use policies and rules and regulations
Data integrity, confidentiality, and usability of how you are implementing this
This list is necessary in adopting a mechanism or a guide to write and apply the audit procedure specified earlier in the audit plan and eventually will produce the report.
links provided by professor
The link to the risk assessment is below (note: this is a general risk assessment and not necessarily related to IT)
The NIST guide for conducting IT risk assessments
36 types of IT risk
Another risk assessment example – IT focus