HA499 Unit 7 Discussion

On 300 words list three important items that belong within a project management plan, and the importance of breaking the project into phases. Please comment on the importance of obtaining sponsorship approval when concluding each phase of the project. 

In two different paragraph give your personal opinion to Samantha Taylor and Courtney Rollins 

 Courtney Rollins 

In project management, project evaluation is an important tool that assists in improvement and accountability within a project (Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, n.d.). “Program evaluations are systematic studies conducted periodically to assess program performance and help managers determine if timely adjustments are necessary for a program to improve resources (Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, n.d.). Project evaluation might be inappropriate when there are no clear uses, or when data is inconsistent/insufficient (Peersman, 2015). Steps involved in planning a project evaluation are defining the stakeholders, describing the program, focusing the design of the evaluation, gathering evidence, drawing conclusions, presenting findings, and ensuring proper use of findings (University of Washington, 2019). 


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Samantha Taylor 

Defining, planning, and duration are three important phases in a project management plan. With a variety of phases, there are different tools that a project manager can apply when assisting with any project. It is important to be a manager who has the ability to prioritize projects. Prioritizing projects is what helps with success and an efficient organization. “Project managers have to plan and budget projects as well as orchestrate the contributions of others” (Larson, E., & Gray, 2014, p. 19). Budgeting is a huge concept and responsibility when it goes to being a manager. Planning is an important tool that project managers must use because it helps know and create a visual of the project. Three important items which belongs in a project management plan are baselines, WBS (Work Breakdown Structures), estimation, and sponsors. All of these items are important to have and understand, especially for a project manager.

Work Breakdown Structure is used to help define elements and items involved in a project which helps establish relationships involved in the projects. WBS helps make sure that the projects become more accurate and defines the overall scope. Quality of estimate in also important in the process and helps estimate times and days to create a timeframe. Estimation also helps with knowing the financial data and amount needed or used for/with the project. Sponsors also play a part in creating a project plan and helps ensure that “aspects of the project are completed,” (Larson & Gray, 2014).

Sponsorship is another phase in a project due to them being responsible for when providing information that is needed to create feedback. This type of feedback should never be passed over because without them, there are no projects that occur. Their feedback is needed to help the project be successful and continue on. Comments and feedback are important for projects in order to know how efficient and effective the project will be. When having sponsors, it is vital to keep each and every sponsor up-to-date regarding information about the project as in any changes, fall backs, or any changes in timeframes or issues that may occur. Projects take time and multiple resources, so any company or business sponsorships is important to have because of the finances that they are able to help with. There is a lot of time and resources that are used when it comes to a sponsorship from a cooperation. When obtaining a sponsor, helps ensure projects will begin or remain a project within the company.

              Estimation is important to know and understand for a time frame from start to finish. There are many ways to calculate the steps that should be taken to make the projects step easier. Being able to tell the community, staff, or anyone involved when the project will be done in a time frame will help drag more individuals in.

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