dating, the couple decided to drive to the state of Billyonaire and elope

dating, the couple decided to drive to the state of Billyonaire and elope. The two planned to have children eventually; however, for now, their Labrachon Express is just like a child to them. They take Express everywhere. In fact, Express is very well behaved and has flown on pet delivery flights with Jett without making a single woof. Shortly after their marriage, Harper began to be lonely after several weeks apart from Jett. In his defense, he has been extremely busy delivering pets on behalf of AweMyPet. Harper began an affair with a country and western singer, Blake Shuttleworth, who was also a client of hers. Jett found out about the affair and is now considering a divorce. Blake does not like dogs but does like cats. Jett is concerned about Express not getting enough attention and the care she deserves now that Harper has a new love interest. Harper’s mother Endora does enjoy being around Express. Jett has come to your office for advice on what custody arrangements might look like should the couple not be able to work out their marital problems. Del Ivery has provided you with some of the facts about this client from Unit 4 and left a note on your desk with the task you are to prepare. Dear Paralegal: Jett Obeejebos has come to our office with the following questions he would like to have answered: -Since Express is like the couple’s child, how would the phrase “best interest of the child” apply to custody and support arrangements of Express? After all, Express is Jett and Harper’s family member. Also, Express has a large food bill of approximately $550 a month, as the couple hired a private chef, Gigi Stephani, so that Express could eat fresh, balanced meals two times a day. Gigi’s fee for food preparation is $3,500 a month. She is worth every cent, as she will hand feed Express if the dog is being finicky on any given day. Express has been eating Gigi’s home-cooked meals since she was a puppy. Jett would like to have Gigi continue with this part of Express’s care. Are pets personal property? How do the courts view pets when divorce is involved? -Should the couple create a pet trust if one of them pre-deceases the other? Jett would like to know if pet trusts are upheld in your state as he is not sure where he may eventually move. He heard that community property states may view this differently but wants you to confirm how these states view pet trusts. – research any ethical concerns that may be present since both Jett and Harper came to our office as a couple when they were discussing their prenuptial agreement.memorandum (excluding the APA-formatted title page and APA-formatted reference page) that details your research regarding our client Jett’s concerns about custody arrangements of his and Harper’s Labrachon, Express. Jett’s primary concern is Express’s physical and mental well-being. Recall the facts you learned about the couple in your “Jett has revealed that a few pilot friends of his enjoy alcohol, and over Harper’s protests, he likes to have them visit. Harper is very close to her mother, Endora, and eventually wants her to live in the couple’s granny quarters on their property. Jett tolerates Endora but does not seem open to the living arrangement Harper has in mind.” These may or may not have an impact on custody of Express.