Cultural diversity is a hot topic in many different realms of society today

Cultural diversity is a hot topic in many different realms of society today, and it should be. You probably hadn’t thought much about the diversity in death perspectives until you read this chapter. But as with life, so with death (as you will learn over and over in this class). Death occurs in all cultures, to every person no matter their gender, socioeconomic status, sexual identity, ethnicity, or race; and death evokes an incredible variety of responses.
This short paper (1-2 pages) will include both your own reflection AND a little research (so you will be using APA formatting, citations within the body of your paper, and a reference list). I have listed questions to be answered below, but please work the questions into your writing (DO NOT write 1) and the question and then a paragraph of your response).
Remember a good paper begins with a brief introduction to what you will be talking about, and that introduction will be in your words, conveying the general topic without stating “I will be talking about…” (See “Essay Writing Tips” under Application Assignments and APA Format within the START HERE tab).
1. Consider two cultural examples from the chapter reading, one which you are familiar and comfortable with, and one that is not familiar to you. Using these two examples: What perspective and/or behaviors help each people groups express or cope with their feelings?
2. The example you are familiar with:
Focusing on your own ethnic, religious, familial, or economic background, describe this particular death-related encounter, attitude or practice that you know, or are at least familiar with using the textbook or another resource. Be sure to cite your resource – even if it is just the textbook – and add that reference to your reference list (in alphabetical order, APA format).
3. What is a particular death-related practice from an ethnic, religious, familial or economic background different than your own that you do not understand fully?
3a) From your reading or additional research…what are your questions about this perspective or practice and what have you learned about it?
3b) How has this new information about something unfamiliar changed your perspective or given you new insight?
As you conclude your paper, DO NOT WRITE “In conclusion.” This is a college paper, in a 200-level course. See Essay Tips.
APA Format includes a title page and a reference page so you should have a total of 3-4 pages in your submission. See Application Assignments & APA Format under START HERE.
from The Last Dance: Encountering Death and Dying by Lynne Ann DeSpelder & Albert Lee Strickland