Conflict Resolution

You have been hired as the vice president for operations for Intravalley Health. One of your first tasks is to educate the board of directors concerning the evolving nature of healthcare and how it impacts the health system. 

Access, review, and integrate the findings of the journal article into a 8 page analysis of Conflict Resolution. Your exploration should include background of the issue, relevant laws and regulations, and strategic and operational impacts on health services organizations. 

The board of director consists of preeminent social scientists, therefore your report should be delivered in APA format, including an abstract and references. The page count pertains to the body of the paper only. Some administrative notes: 

There is tendency to default to a hospital setting when considering issues in healthcare. You can examine other sectors such as long term care, palliative care, retail clinics, or community health centers.

It is expected the depth of the research goes beyond your studies in the core courses (MSM students) or HCAD 600 (MSHCA students).

 Please review the policy for re-use of prior course work – even if it is your own.

In order to provide a comprehensive assessment, the selected journal article should be supported (or refuted) by other scholarly sources. 

• As you know from your Library Skills course, sources such as Time, Forbes, the Washington Post and other newspapers, while often useful information resources, would not be appropriate primary sources for this paper. As a general guideline, if you can find the resource at a magazine stand, it probably is not a professional journal. The articles you choose should be recent (last 5 years) and should be primary rather than secondary. (Please see the APA manual if you do not recall the difference.)

Conflict Resolution

This Conflict Resolution: Part 3 – Action Plan Assignment will eventually be the last section
of the Conflict Resolution: Part 4 – Proposal Assignment. This section will consist of you
providing a detailed plan for addressing the conflict identified in the previous assignments. Your
intervention plan that is selected should be congruent with the theoretical conceptualization that
you outlined in your Conflict Resolution: Part 2 – Literature Review and Conceptualization
Assignment. The Conflict Resolution: Part 3 – Action Plan Assignment needs to provide an
understanding for how the suggested intervention would cause change in the underlying conflict
dynamic. The effect of your action plan on all parties should be thoroughly analyzed. Be sure
you justify the need for criminal justice organization alternative resolution techniques.
Additionally, for the first time in this series of papers, you should address your conflict
resolution plan through the lens of a Christian Worldview. In other words, create a brief section
analyzing how your plan is consistent with Christian teachings as grounded in the Holy Bible.
As with previous papers, the action plan should be grounded in the conflict resolution research
Items to include are outlined as follows:
 Length of assignment is 6 to 8 pages
o Excluding title page, abstract page at least 250 words, reference section, or any extra material
 Format of assignment is the current version of APA
 Number of citations – Minimum guideline is 4 – 8 peer reviewed academic
journal articles and at least one Holy Bible reference.