Compare/differentiate between/among

Compare/differentiate between/among:
1- Innateness theory; Behavioral model; Interactionist model
2- Stimulus; Response; Consequence
3- Reinforcement; Punishment
4- Fixed ration; Fixed interval; Variable ratio; Variable interval
5- Quantitative data; Qualitative data
6- Validity; Reliability of data collection
7- Articulation disorders; Phonological disorders
8- Cultural competence; Stereotyping
9- Language difference vs Language disorder
10- Stimulus; Response; Consequence

• Define the following:
1- Therapy programming
2- SMART goal
3- SOAP note

1- What is the goal of speech and language intervention?
2- What are the components for successful speech and language intervention?
3- What is the Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)?
4- What are 3 components of a well-written goal for speech and language intervention?
5- What are the factors that determine the progression of the therapy sequence?
6- What are the considerations when working with culturally and linguistically clients?
7-What is the clinical goal and what is the difference between long-term and short-term goals?