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this assignment is due in 24 hours….. no late work…..  

do the following scenario:

When was the last time you studied chemistry? Do you have any good stories to tell about your chemistry teacher or your time in the laboratory?  Do you or did you like taking chemistry? I remember being in chemistry class as a junior in high school and my teachers name was Mr. Dykema.  He, on a couple of occasions, dumped out mercury on the lab tables to teach us about about states of matter and density.  I thought the liquid metal moving over the table and breaking apart was facinating. Today, that would be a hazardous waste spill and the school would be closed down!  Tell the class about something from your past pertaining to chemistry.  Also, as you read chapter 5, you should have noticed the many different chemistry terms and topics.  Pick one term or topic and explain it in “normal” words/examples as the second part of your post.  These are a few of the terms: Charles law, Boyle’s law,  Dalton’s law,  air pressure,  barometer,  air density,  Avogadro’s law,  isobar and the law of energy conservation. Topics include periodic table, states of matter,  gases, bonding, adiabatic heating and cooling. 

All questions must be answered mention in the above scenario