Biology DQ

Discussion 1

“Energy for Life and Energy Reactions and Processes”

– The breakdown of ATP releases energy, which is utilized by other reactions that require energy. Identify other examples where inventions have utilized a similar principle, where energy released during one reaction is utilized elsewhere. List three reasons why either one of the processes is more efficient than the other.



“Bird Flu Research, DNA, and RNA” Please respond to the following:

–          Mutations are the original source of genetic variation. Explain how mutations can accumulate in DNA, given that cells have repair systems that fix mispaired nucleotides or breaks in DNA strands. Give an example of a genetic mutation with your response.



“Cells and Cancer and Sexual Reproduction” Please respond to the following:

–          Describe the major differences between Meiosis I and Meiosis II. Explain what you believe is the most significant difference in respect to sexual reproduction, and explain why.

–          Discuss the advantages of sexual reproduction in plants over asexual reproduction. Determine if there are any disadvantages, and explain why or why not.