Believing What You can Improve

Watch the video and write a 500 word reflection on the how adults can learn the concept of grit to live a better adult life. Include in your reflection, one other source (newspaper article, website, magazine article, or journal article), to help support your reflection.


Please list your source(s), in APA format, at the end of your reflection paper. This website can help you with the APA format:

Consider how adults have lived their entire lives living in a particular way and how do we introduce them to a better way of living. Much of our lives consist of immediate gratification.  We have learned, through the use of our cell phones, that we can know just about anything by “googling it.”  Adults today are not particularly fond of working hard and putting forth effort in their lives.  Many adults live their lives “half way.” How can we, as adults, learn to believe that we can improve our lives?