Assume that whenever spring is late

Assume that whenever spring is late, the birds and the bees are small and hungry. Based on this assumption, which statement must be true?

If spring is late, either the birds are small or the bees are hungry
If spring is not late, the birds and the bees are neither small nor hungry
If the bees are not small and the birds are not hungry, spring it not late
If birds are hungry or the bees are small, then spring is late

7. An elderly woman has cancer and is given the option of receiving an experimental drug to treat the cancer or receiving pain medication to control excessive pain. The cancer treatment might extend her life for 6 months. However, the woman chooses to use the pain medication as needed. All of the following changes support the women’s choice except?

The woman’s cancer therapy may not lengthen life
The woman’s desire to live a better quality of life for her remaining days
The woman’s family wants her to receive the cancer treatment
The woman wants to die without extraordinary medical interventions

8. The harmful effects of long term alcohol use are well documented. Which course of information best explains the harmful effects?

Local hospital and physician reports
Statistical data of the identified effects
Coroners reports for the last five years
Insurance claims from a highly populated state

9. Police officers maintain the law. It is illegal to run a stoplight, therefore, police officers

Never run stop lights
Believe it is illegal to run a stoplight
Consider stoplights important
May issue a ticket if you run a stoplight

10. A woman reads a magazine article about high blood pressure. After talking with her mother, the woman realizes that her mother is experiencing the same symptoms that are described in the article. What is the best course of action?

Wait for further signs and symptoms to develop
Seek medical guidance based on the signs of high BP
Realize these may not be signs and symptoms of high BP
Call the doctor and report that her mother has high BP

11. A school has seven classrooms: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. The principal must choose five students, each from a different classroom, to perform in a special play. Any combination of five students will be appropriate, except if a student from classroom 1 is selected, then no one from class 5 may be chosen. Also, if a student from class 3 is selected, then someone from classroom 5 must also be selected. If someone from classroom 2 is in the play, then a student from classroom 6 must also be selected. Which combination of students meets all of the criteria?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5
1, 4, 5, 6, 7,
2, 3, 4, 5, 7
2, 3, 4, 5, 6

12. An advertisement reads, “Neutrasplash helps prevent lines and wrinkles. Look younger today”. Which statement gives a critical evaluation of this advertisement?

This advertisement clarifies that only those that want to look younger should buy the product
This advertisement gives several good reasons for purchasing the product
The phrase “help prevent” eliminates any promises about the performance of this product
The name of the product indicated the products contains healthy ingredients
13. A researcher collects information regarding the relationship of drinking orange juice and preventing the common cold. Which method would best assist the researcher in reaching a conclusion?

Drink orange juice when a cold is coming on
Conduct a survey of those who drink orange juice to prevent a cold
Analyze the research data found in the scientific journals
Review the chemical composition of orange juice

14 Building L is shorter than building X. Building Y is shorter than building L, but building M is shorter than building Y; therefore Building Y is shorter than building J. What premise must be added to require the conclusion to be true, assuming all of the premises are true?

Building J is taller than M
Building J is taller than L
Building X is taller than J
Building L is taller than J

15. A grocery clerk believes strongly in telling the truth however he lies to in Intruders who asked him where the store safe is kept. How could this contraindication be best explained? the grocery store clerk

Was afraid of the Intruders and feared for his life
wanted The Intruders to leave quickly
obviously has very weak beliefs
believe strongly in his work responsibilities

16. Charlie and spot are dogs assume whenever it is hot Charlie and spot are lazy and quiet based on this assumption which statement must be true

If it is hot outside fido is lazy and spot is quiet
If Fido is quiet or spot is lazy. It is hot
if it is hot charlie and spot are neither lazy nor quiet
if spot is lazy but fido is not quiet it is not hot

17. Consider the statement if anything is a rose then that thing smells sweet which of the following statements provide the best interpretation of the statement

One thing smells as sweet as a rose
if anything smells sweet than it is a roses
things don’t smell sweet unless they are roses
roses smell sweet

18. In a scientific study of resources there that fed an iron-rich diet for six months 75% of the horses showed an increase in track speed with a 90 days. This Improvement could have happened randomly or by chance was ruled out with a high degree of confidence if the above statements are true the study of statistical findings confirm

Regulations regarding the type of dietary intake for race horses should be enforced
the horses in the study were raised horses in the findings do not apply to horses in general
iron-rich food feed is associated with an increased track speed and resources
regular non iron-rich feed causes decrease track speed in horses