Assessment strategy

The assessment instrument to be used is a critical case study analysis of a current leadership dilemma or issue including a self-reflective piece. This is an individual submission in the format of a video presentation and demonstrates successful attainment of the module learning outcomes:

In this assessment students will be required to identify a leader and company within a particular sector e.g. one they may be interested in working in after University. They should identify a particular leader and leadership issue or dilemma.

They should demonstrate their understanding of leadership theory, Power, Influence and Ethics in terms of analysing the case study e.g. in terms of leadership, the company and issue they have chosen. They should then analyse how leadership theory is applied in practice and what leaders could learn.

In addition, they should complete self-administered questionnaires on their own leadership traits, style, skills e.g. negotiation, communication, and behaviours, ethics and create a leadership self-reflective section to demonstrate their new understanding of their own leadership and evidence how they might apply this in their future leadership roles in their careers as ethical leaders.