Assessment 1: Professional Learning Badges

Assessment 1: Professional Learning Badges (40 %) – SPECIFICATIONSThis assessment is based on a learning ‘badge’. keeping in mind that a learning badge is acertificatethat a person will get when an institution validates the accomplishment of a learningactivity such as workshop, conferences, social work or any educational strategy. The badges tobe learned and earned are in alignment with engagement, mental wealth competencies andemployability parameters.The Badges would be earned from theLinkedIn Learningplatforms. The details are as follows:Marking criteria:NoCRITERIAWEIGHTING(%)1Amazon Web Services(AWS) Educate on CloudComputing 101.1002Leadership Approaches(LinkedIn Learning Course)1003Cultural Intelligence(LinkedIn Learning Course)1004Sustainable development Goals(LinkedIn Learning Course)100You will get guidance in your Seminars and on the HR7004 MOODLE page that you MUST follow – this willshow you how to use your UEL LinkedIn Learning Account(do not use your personalLinkedInaccount forthis – for reasons that will be made clear)– and show you how to access the correct courses to achieveyour certificates.LINKS TO THE CORRECT COURSES ARE PROVIDED ON THE MOODLE PAGE FOR HR7004We have also providedimportant guidanceon the correct way to useLinkedIn Learninghere:For both of the above see the ‘Assessment and feedback’tab on HR7004 MOODLE page.