As people approach midlife

As people approach midlife, many things change, especially in relationships. Some marriages become more satisfying when all the children have left; some do not. Sometimes the empty nest does not last long as adult children find themselves without jobs and return home. Sometimes adult children are not able to care for their children, so grandparents step in to become parents again. Here is an opportunity to reflect upon these things.
Read Chapter 14 of the textbook by Santrock
Consider the changes in marriage, parenting, and grandparent relationships in middle adulthood.
Write a 1-2 page reflection addressing the following points.
Compare the characteristics of marriage in middle adulthood with those of young adulthood
Explain the “empty nest syndrome” and its effect on parents
How is the role of grandparents changing in the 21st century?
Reflect on either your personal experience or experiences you have observed in others (parents, siblings, etc.) in any of these three areas