A crucial component to healthy living is having strong boundaries

A crucial component to healthy living is having strong boundaries.
The Ted Talk you will use to answer this discussion board, Good boundaries free you by Sara Gilman, will provide some stories and tools to help strengthen your boundaries.
After viewing the Sara Gilman Ted Talk related to boundaries, discuss the following in at least two paragraphs (a paragraph is a minimum of five, well-thought-out sentences):
Share with your classmates, with what parts of Sara’s talk you agree and reasons these resonate with you.
Discuss the impact of saying yes or no too often in your life has impacted your life.
In writing, examine your level of stress and how healthier boundary implementation might decrease or increase.
Share what you do for self-care and how often you put yourself first and/or others ahead of your own self-care.
Feel free to provide any other insights you might have gotten through watching this Ted Talk.
Finally, write one paragraph in response to the classmate’s post below:
Saying “yes” or “no” might seem like an easy decision because it’s often said that it’s a “simple answer”. However, that is not the case. When you are a workaholic for instance Sara Gilman, who shared her story on Ted Talk, it can make it very difficult to say yes or no. Stress can make it hard as well. However, when you let those negative factors into your life, you make your boundary tool: the yes-and-no compass get clouded and not let you make a healthy decision. Boundaries are needed in life to help you decrease negativity and increase your happiness and well being. One powerful point that Sara shared and caught my attention is when she mentioned how listening to your own yes and no will make others upset but shouldn’t let it affect you because at the end of the day, yes and no are not feelings.
For me, saying yes or no too often made my life a little more difficult especially when making decisions. Also it has made me a people-pleaser, which is definitely not good. It even makes me feel bad if I say the opposite of whatever I’m always used to saying; for example, when I started working I used to always say yes to taking double shifts, staying late and even to cover someone. My job got so used to me giving the same answer that when I realized that I was doing so much and started saying no, I felt bad. I have always struggled with putting myself first but when I started going to counseling, I started practicing self-care which involves working out, watching some of my favorite shows and treating myself to whatever I want like for instance getting an ice cream and going to the park. Even though I been slacking with my self-care lately, at the end of the day I still try to do at least one thing for myself so I can call it a day with a smile.