The task is to apply one or more of the Black sociologists (Du Bois, Cooper, Frazier, Johnson, Cox, and/or James) to the current event of the Appointment of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

The guidelines of what needs to be covered within the essay are below

– Present the contemporary event. Explain which theorist(s)’ lesson and/or perspective you will utilize to analyze and/or deconstruct the event.

– Reflect upon the cultural, historical, and subcultural shared-meanings and/or differences between the contemporary event and the theory.

– Explore its impact on human nature, social relations, and social institutions: How does the event affect people’s behaviors and actions, sense of self, and how they understand others? How does the topic affect contemporary social relations? How does the theory contribute to our understanding of the event’s significance to human nature/social order?

– Compare/contrast the event in other contexts to explain the usefulness or inconsistencies of the theorist(s)’ perspective. (i.e., across cultural communities and/or historical periods).