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Psychology assignment topics presented to us do not matter at all. Why? We are fully equipped with knowledge and any other resources that can help us handle literally any topic in Psychology. It is completely clear to us that Psychology encompasses a wide range of subfields. Many different topics can be found on the psychological spectrum. It is possible that you are curious about whether or not our company can manage random themes related to psychology. We are here to provide you with the necessary input, regardless of how complex or less detailed, hazy or clear, the situation may be. Because of our extensive knowledge and experience in completing Psychology homework, we are able to determine the methodology that is best suitable for every subject area. We are always able to fit the context of the topic that has been presented to us, which ultimately allows us to produce a winning essay. The possibility of failing has never been an option for us, and the same is true for your psychological projects. To provide you with an overview of the services that we provide in the psychology assignment help section of our website, the following are a few of the most important types of psychology assignments that we are able to competently manage for you:

  • Functional Psychology Assignments

This basically touches on the connection that exists between one’s mental state and their environment. There is a greater emphasis placed on flexibility to the surrounding environment. In the event that your homework in psychology falls into this category, you are completely covered.

  • Behavioral Psychology Assignments

This subfield of psychology concentrates on the observation and analysis of human behavior, drawing parallels between those observations and mental processes. The study of abnormal psychology falls under the purview of behavioral psychology the vast majority of the time. We go through things like hallucinations, catatonia, and delusions of grandeur as well as other topics in behavioral psychology. You can make an order for a psychology assignment with the knowledge that we provide competent assistance.

  • Cognitive Psychology Assignments

We handle psychological assignments that are in relation with cognitive behaviors. We thoroughly understand the nuances of cognitive psychology that may include attention and attention deficit disorders, memory and diseases of memory, mental processes and its anomalies, use of language, problem solving and creativity.

  • Structuralist Psychology Assignments

Sigmund Freud is widely regarded as the father of this form of psychology, which aims to explore the mind in terms of its various components. Ultimately, the result is more of a compilation of all of the components that have been evaluated. At AssignmentGiant, you may get help with assignments in this area.

  • Psychoanalysis Assignments

The Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud is credited with coining the term “psychoanalysis,” which focuses primarily on the investigation of irrational mental processes. This focuses more on the subconscious mind and the consequences that it has on the discomfort that it might give to another person. Sigmund Freud had the belief that we could be able to bring forward onto the known the initially repressed experiences and feelings if we were able to make the unconscious conscious. As a result, psychoanalysis therapy was developed by him. Our professional writers are capable of handling your psychology homework assignments that fit within this category to a sufficient degree.

  • Educational Psychology Assignments

All of the learning theories posited by renowned psychologists such as Sigmund Freud, B.F. Skinner, Erik Erikson, Vygotsky, and Ivan Pavlov have been adequately covered by our team of expert psychologists who write on psychology. Therefore, if your homework in psychology requires you to adequately cover constructivism, classical, or operant conditioning learning theories, we are more than capable of coming to your rescue and helping you out of a jam. If you have any assignments that require you to write about Erik Erikson’s psychosocial theory or the psychosexual theory of development, our skilled writers are able to tackle those assignments in a professional manner.

Note: Our diversity in handling psychology assignments means that we cover the prime niches in the same respect. The macro-sectors of psychology that AssignmentGiant covers are; Biological Psychology, Social Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Comparative Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Educational Psychology.

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Topics covered in the Psychology Assignment Help
We, at actually cover various concepts and topics that are actually related to the branch of the psychology subject or are included in the discipline of psychology. Below are some of the concepts and topics that are covered within the psychology assignment.

  • Biological Psychological assignment help
  • Autism assignment help
  • Conduct disorder assignment help
  • Social cognition assignment help
  • Evolution Psychology Assignment Help
  • Behavior therapy assignment help
  • Cross-cultural Psychology Assignment Help
  • Operant conditioning assignment help
  • Critical thinking assignment help
  • Personality Psychology Assignment Help
  • Neurotransmission assignment help
  • Functional Psychology Assignment Help
  • State of consciousness assignment help
  • Humanistic Psychology Assignment Help
  • Cognitive Psychology Assignment Help
  • Behavioral pharmacology assignment help
  • Structuralist Psychology Assignment Help

You can simply refer to the website of for more details on all the mentioned concepts and the topics which is covered under Psychology Assignment Help.

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Psychology is a subject that demands a great lot of focus and dedication. As a result, in order to carry out its duties, you must be familiar with a wide range of organizations.

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Why Students Need Online Help In Writing Psychology Dissertation

Psychology dissertations are recognized to be among the most difficult to write. It necessitates extensive investigation as well as the ability to convey thoughts onto assignments. While also ensuring that they read smoothly and with curiosity. As a result, we have come up with the following points to assist you with your psychology dissertation.

Psychology Dissertation Support

Dissertation writing may be both stimulating and gratifying. This culmination event in your PhD studies requires developed skills as well as tenacity. Dissertation Support offers students information and aid in following methodological and stylistic criteria. Faculty and students can also get assistance with preparing Institutional Review Board (IRB) applications.

Psychology dissertation guidance

In order to be considered successful, a dissertation in psychology needs to provide a unique contribution to the field. Generally speaking, the discourse is expected to conform to a predetermined standard format. In addition, it requires making an effort, based on the investigator’s observations and knowledge, to either support or confirm a theory.

You have seen some of your classmates working themselves into a frenzy over the ideas of their dissertations, writing and editing them. It is now up to you to proceed. But when exactly do you start, and how do you do it?

Students should, ideally, choose a research subject in the first or second year of their degree, and then use that general area as a theme throughout the rest of their coursework, according to advisers for dissertations. However, students do not have to regard that broad field as a path that they would follow in their professional lives. Instead, academics advise students to think of the dissertation as a teaching exercise in which they learn how to develop, carry out, and evaluate independent research.

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Psychology Assignment Help comprises the study of different concepts that can help one get a better understanding of human behaviour and understanding. To help you get a better understanding of the subject, you are asked to work on the assignments so that you can research the subject and get a better understanding of the same.



The Case of Barry

Mr Barry Morrison is a 45-year-old Ambulance Officer who works full time for NSW Ambulance Service. Over the past 10 years, he has attended over 500 critical incidents as a first responder. He is well regarded in his role and widely viewed as an expert in the work he does.

In December 2015, Barry was an ambulance officer responding to a fatal car accident involving a number of young teenagers in Sydney’s Circular Quay. He was first on the scene to provided medical attention to the surviving victims including three who subsequently lost their lives. In the past 2 months, Barry has had difficulty sleeping most nights of the week. Most days, he is also experiencing visual flashbacks of the event and reports hearing screams and sirens. He cannot block out these sensations from his mind, though they do seem to subside a little if he has a couple of glasses of whiskey in the evening to get to sleep.

Barry has been referred to the mental health team for assessment of his mental state, his sleeping difficulty and his alcohol consumption. He is also concerned about events in the last week (4 separate experiences) where all of a sudden, his environment seems distant, dreamlike and distorted to him.

Barry’s symptoms are preventing him from attending to his duties as a fulltime ambulance officer. He is skipping work on a regular basis, attending no more than 3 of 5 days. Barry enjoys his role saying his job gives him the opportunity to “make a contribution to society and help those in need”. Barry has never been “a drinker”, having only the occasional beer at the end of a long week, but recently he has been drinking more heavily in an attempt to block out the memories and recurrent dreams of the accident that wake him during the night. When people ask how he’s coping, Barry becomes very irritable and angry, screaming that he wished they would “leave it alone; the world is a dangerous place and that’s all there is to it”. Although these outbursts are rare, they are becoming more frequent.

Background and Medical History
Barry has been an ambulance officer for many years. He has seen some “pretty difficult situations”, including attending to other fatal road accidents and dealing with very violent and aggressive individuals affected by the drug methamphetamine (street name, ICE).

Barry is taking medication for high blood pressure and heart palpitations. His appetite is poor but he is eating well and has not lost any weight recently. While his drinking has increased recently, he doesn’t believe he has an issue with it as he doesn’t experience cravings and has the occasional week off from drinking when the flashbacks are subdued. He is also concerned about not being under the influence when he is at work so manages his consumption accordingly.

For the last 2 months Barry has woken up several times a night on most nights, has a restless sleep when he finally gets to sleep, and wakes early every morning and is unable to go back to sleep. He believes he is having problems concentrating during the day. He also thinks he should not go to work or administer medical attention to patients while he is fatigued and not sleeping properly, because his decision making may be impaired. He has also recently asked for a job transfer to lighter duties, as working around the streets of Sydney’s Circular Quay instantly raises his blood pressure and triggers intense psychological distress, anxiety, fear, worry, unease, tension, and nervousness on a daily basis. He tries to avoid this part of Sydney as much as he can.

Social History
Barry has a supportive family life. He is married to Brenda, a primary school teacher and has two small children. Barry used to attend regular local social events with his local rugby club, but has no plans to catch up with his friends as he is starting to feel estranged from them. Although, he still has interest in social events and is almost always able to experience positive emotions and loving feelings. He enjoys his relationships, but he feels his friends and family just can’t understand what he is going through, so he feels somewhat detached.

Barry is worried that he may not be able to return to work. He says he isn’t sleeping well and that it is starting to become concerning. He is concerned that the flashbacks he is having about the accident in Circular Quay will not subside and he will not only be unable to concentrate on his job because of them, but that he might also lose the job due to significant absenteeism.

Students are required to read the above case study and write a psychology assignment providing a DSM-5 diagnosis, along with a rationale for the labels considered, rejected, and applied.

Assessment measures that should be utilised in the assessment include:

  • The DSM-5 Cross-Cutting Level 1 and 2 Symptom Measures.
  • The World Health Organisation Disability Assessment Schedule.
  • Any DSM-5 Level 2 or Symptom Severity Measures that may be required.


Clinical Psychology Assignment: Case Analysis Of A Patient With Psychological Concerns


Clinical Psychology

Karen is a 20 year-old who has been referred to the Clinical Psychology service from her GP. Karen reports feeling low and is experiencing a significant amount of stress about her university studies, noting that she’ll “probably fail.” She spends much of her day in the halls of residence watching Youtube and has a hard time identifying what, if anything, is enjoyable in a typical day. Karen rarely goes to lectures and has avoided seeking help to improve her grades. Karen has always been a self-described shy person and has had a very small group of friends from her childhood. Notably, her level of stress significantly increased when she began university. When meeting new people, she has a hard time concentrating on social interactions because she worries what they will think of her, assuming they will find her “dumb,” or “boring”. After the interaction, she replays the conversation over and over again, focusing on the “stupid” things she said. Karen has begun avoiding her friends and is not answering phone calls or other attempts at communication.

Description of Clinical Psychology Assignment
You are required to write a single 3000-word exploratory case study report on the above case study. The case study report should be no longer than 3000 words (this includes all in-text citations but does not include the reference list).

Content and detailed guidance
The case study report must have the following sections and structure
Section 1: Background Information

In this section, a concise overview (in your own words) of the person being discussed in the case study should be provided drawn from the details provided in the case study notes.

Section 2: Presenting problems
In this section, you should discuss the problems presented in the case study for the individual and link them to theory and research drawn from the individual difference’s literature. Ensure that citations are used to support your claims and a critical analysis is provided of the theory and research drawn upon from individual differences. Section 3: Intervention Provide an outline of a potential intervention that could be provided to address the presenting problems that draw upon the psychological theory and research studies covered in Section 2 above. Ensure that testable hypotheses/research questions are provided along with an outline of the research design and methods that would be used to gather data to evaluate the proposed intervention.


Psychology Assignment: Statistical Anxiety Based On Traditional & Non-Traditional Students


Write a psychology assignment presenting a research report on the topic “Statistical anxiety based on traditional and non-traditional students”.


Psychology Assignment: Case Analysis Of 63-UP Series


Task: In this psychology assignment you will further develop the case study with other group members, and examine the individual’s life, taking a lifespan developmental perspective. The key developmental issues they have experienced over the course of their lives should be provided and analysed through the theoretical and empirical topics covered in this unit. This theoretical and empirical basis should be utilised to provide an explanation for that individual’s life story as linked to developmental psychology. Thus, your case study should provide the following:

• Background description to the individual (you will need to watch the documentaries up through the most recent version, 63-up);
• Developmental issues experienced by the individual;
• Analysis of developmental issues experienced on the basis of theoretical and empirical literature;
• Reflection of case study incorporating key ethical issues inherent in this type of lifespan psychological research;
• Overall conclusion


Psychology Assignment: Investigating Fraudulent & Valid Passports


Task: Instructions for psychology assignment:
Faces convey a wealth of information (identity, emotion, age…) critical for the success of our everyday social interactions. Though humans are generally very good at processing this information, many studies have indicated that this ability is not equally distributed across all faces that we encounter, and that processing of facial information is superior for ingroup relative to outgroup faces. Among the most widely investigated examples of this phenomenon are the own-race and own-age biases in face processing. For example, multiple studies have shown that memory (old vs new) and discrimination (same vs different) is superior for faces of one’s own race or ethnicity and age group compared to faces of another race or ethnicity or age group.

Imagine that you have been hired as a researcher to help investigate whether the ability to discriminate doctored passport photographs from real passport photographs depends on:

  1. the age of participants (Age Group A vs Age Group B) and the age of a person depicted in the photograph (Same Age Group vs Different Age Group)
  2. the ethnicity of participants (Ethnicity Group A vs Ethnicity Group B) and the ethnicity of a person depicted in the photographs (Same Ethnic Group vs Different Ethnic Group)

Select ONE of these two research questions and design a study using a Signal Detection Theory approach to investigate it. Your answer should be written-up as Method and Results section of the research report.


Psychology Assignment Concerning Increasing Cases Of Anorexia Nervosa Female Students


Task: Case Study – – Preparation and design of a behaviour change group program Scenario: A very large, suburban high school has identified a concerning upward trend in the number of female students presenting to the school counsellors with eating disorders. A number of cases of anorexia nervosa have been diagnosed and some students are undiagnosed but have concerning eating problems. The school counselling department has been able to attain a budget to address the issue. Your team has been approached to design a 10-week psychoeducation program (one term) that voluntary participants can attend once a week at lunch times. (1500 WORDS)

a) Describe and formulate the processes required to facilitate agreed change outcomes e) Apply behavioural techniques to support behaviour change f) Develop a process for program monitoring, recording and intervention, according to individual client needs. Context: Common life-problems are often treated very effectively in a group setting. Groups can be very effective in terms of resources (financial limitations; therapist to client ratio; etc.) and in terms of sustaining change and relapse prevention (participants can be supportive, not just the therapist, and can continue after the group itself has finished). When people with like-issues join in a safe place to deal with their problems, the group itself can be a significant element in ensuring members achieve their goals, providing a number of curative factors, including universality (Yalom, 1980). This assignment requires students to design a group to be rolled out over a set number of weeks to treat a pre-determined problem. Please see instructions about the scenarios.

Instructions: The purpose of this assessment activity is to identify a model, (say REBT, CBT, DBT or ACT, etc.) that would suit a specific client presentation and then apply this to a time-limited group setting that deals with the broad issues identified

1. You must briefly describe the generic problem being treated. This would include definitions supported by references.
2. Identify two models that could work, then, supported by research, justify why one was chosen over the other.
3. Develop a program that treats the issue based on the model selected.
a. Elaborate on the theory used to develop your program to underpin your choice.
b. Design and describe the course. This would include the target audience and the purpose (i.e. what problem is being addressed by the group).
c. Describe, in sequence, the areas to be covered throughout the program. This needs to follow a building or deepening of concepts that lead to supported
d. Describe structured exercises and why they would be used. Participants may be required to do homework, keep a journal etc.;
e. Discuss how the group itself can be used as part of the change process.
f. Finally, students must prepare potential participants for the end of the group and include relapse prevention measures


Psychology Assignment: Discussion On Fostering Positive Behaviours


Task: Critical analysis of challenging behaviour – approaches of different theorists Description Critical analysis of incident of challenging behaviour, demonstrating critical understanding of different theories and approaches used in the management and promotion of positive behaviours.

Purpose of psychology assignment: To contribute significantly to pre-service teachers planning and classroom practice in managing their classrooms in positive and effective ways.

Assignment Question:
Critical analysis of challenging behaviour – approaches of different theorists (2000 words)

1. Discuss an incident of challenging behaviour. Examples of challenging behaviour include: (choose one of the following incidents)
• Withdrawn behaviours such as shyness, rocking, staring, anxiety, school phobia, truancy, social isolation or hand flapping.
• Disruptive behaviours such as being out-of-seat, calling out in class, tantrums, swearing, screaming or refusing to follow instructions.
• Violent and/or unsafe behaviours such as head banging, kicking, biting, punching, fighting, running away, smashing equipment or furniture/fixtures.
• Inappropriate social behaviours such as inappropriate conversations, stealing, being over-affectionate, inappropriate touching or masturbation.

2. Analyse possible motivation/ contributing factors for the student behaviour such as bullying, cyber-bullying and discrimination.
3. Critique the teacher’s / school’s response analysing ideas/approaches theories informing their approach.
4. Suggest at least two different possible theoretical approaches informed by research evidence. Outline the overall strategies of two different theories/theorists/approaches and suggest, including specific strategies, how these approaches might advise a teacher to address the challenging behaviour.
5. Discuss possible strategies to support that might be best used to address the incident. Include possible adjustments to teaching programs relevant policies such as codes of ethics and conduct and legislative requirements regarding student wellbeing and safety, including strategies for involving students, parents and carers.
6. Evaluate and make recommendations regarding effective ways to prevent and manage the incident and foster positive behaviour.


Psychology Assignment: Intervention For Cardiovascular Disease In Australia



The nature of illness has changed over time, so that the main burden of disease now lies with chronic disease, generally, conditions with a duration of one year or more, requiring ongoing attention, restricting activity or both. Chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and mental health conditions, now present the leading burden of disease in Australia.

The World Health Organisation (2018) has referred to chronic diseases as a global epidemic, one that will have the highest impact on deaths and disability across the world in coming years. A clear association between health behaviours and chronic diseases has been established. While there may a genetic or biological link to chronic illness, a significant proportion of the population develop chronic disease due to unhealthy behaviours such as smoking, excess consumption of alcohol (World Health Organisation, 2018). Therefore, health behaviour change interventions are an essential component to the treatment of chronic medical conditions. This can involve establishing new healthy behaviours, increasing existing healthy behaviours or decreasing unhealthy behaviours.

The Psychology Assignment

This assignment therefore requires you to develop a health behaviour change intervention for one of the following chronic health conditions:

– cardiovascular disease.

– breast cancer.

– type 2 diabetes.

– asthma.

– HIV/Aids.

For your chosen health condition, you are required to discuss potential intervention strategies to address an element of behaviour change through the application of one of the health behaviour models addressed in the unit (Theory of Planned Behaviour, Transtheoretical Model, Health Belief Model or Protection Motivation Theory).

There are three elements to this assignment. Firstly, the assignment needs to define the health behaviour within the context of the selected health condition as a rationale for intervention. Secondly, the assignment should provide a critical review of factors that may contribute to predicting health behaviour change in the context of a health behaviour model, as well as clearly outlining potential barriers. Finally, the assignment needs to provide an evidencebased implementation plan to effect behaviour change.


Psychology Assignment: Statistic Anxiety Based On Traditional & Non-Traditional Student


Task: Prepare a research report on psychology assignmenton the topic “Statistic anxiety based on traditional and non-traditional student”.


Psychology Essay: Importance Of Secure Attachment


Task: This assessment task provides you with an opportunity to focus on key information related to the topics that are most relevant to your area of nursing/midwifery practice and/or of interest you as a health professional. Background: Hypothetically you have been asked to give an in-service presentation to a group of nursing/midwifery colleagues on: 1) the importance to the infant/child/adolescent of forming a secure attachment to their parent(s)/primary caregiver(s), and 2) how health professionals can promote secure attachment when caring for infants/children/adolescents and their families.
1. Write a handout in psychology essay format to provide to colleagues to accompany your in-service presentation. In this essay handout:
a. Identify your audience (for example, registered nurses in general, midwives, neonatal intensive care nurses, paediatric nurses).
b. Include four (4) key points in which you discuss the importance of secure attachment to infants/children/adolescents and how health professionals can promote and support it.


Psychology Assignment: Research Evaluation on Sleep, Well-Being & Academic Performance


Task: Psychology Assignment on Research Evaluation
A core component of PSY390 is research literacy — the ability to read and write about research. This TMA is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your competence in this area. To that end, you are invited to critique a journal article reporting a quantitative approach.
The article for this TMA is:
Armand, M. A., Biassoni, F., &Corrias, A. (2021). Sleep, Well-Being and Academic Performance: A Study in a Singapore Residential College. Frontiers in Psychology, 12, 672238, 1-14. Draw on the information found in the article, PSY390 course content, and your own analytical skills as you respond to the following questions.

Please use the questions below to guide your critique of the study. As you can see, you would focus mostly on those sections of the article that report methodology and methods. Given your word limit for this TMA, you should write clear, succinct answers, that are mini essays for each respective section.

Please focus on the relevant sections within each paper to address the questions and, where necessary, reference your work in accordance with APA guidelines (e.g., statement raised in the paper that may support your answer and has been cited by the authors from the article). It is not necessary to repeatedly cite the authors from the article (e.g., Armand et al., 2021) when direct points from each paper (e.g., the research design, sampling size) are used to answer the same question.

1. Research Approach and Methodology
(a) Evaluate the methodology used by Armand et al. (2021) by discussing its strengths and limitations in relation to the study’s research purpose and objectives.
(b) Assuming that Armand et al. (2021) did not find any statistically significant relationship between sleep, well-being, and academic performance, apply your knowledge of research methods and propose a follow-up study with an alternative approach to explore further. Ensure that you state what you aim to achieve in this follow-up study and explain how your proposed research design can meet the objective clearly.

2. Sampling and Data Collection
(a) Considering the research purpose and objectives, identify and propose a sampling method that may be more suitable than the one used in this study to enhance external validity. Provide a clear justification and rationale for your proposed sampling method.

(b) Compare and contrast the different type(s) of reliability measures and examine if any of them would be applicable to the study by Armand et al. (2021).

3. Research Ethics and Quality
(a) Demonstrate your understanding of extraneous variables by discussing what factors would have influenced the dependent variables in Armand et al. (2021) that the researchers should have considered.
(b) Another group of researchers want to conduct a follow-up study and propose to use a classic two-group experimental design where participants are invited to a sleep laboratory, with one group would be subjected to poor sleeping conditions (e.g., interruptions and noise) and the other group would be allowed to have better sleep conditions (e.g., no interruption and no noise). Critically examine the ethical considerations the researcher should be aware of before conducting the study.


(PSY390) Psychology Assignment: Research Evaluation on Sleep, Well-Being & Academic Performance

Psychology Assignment: Research Evaluation on Sleep, Well-Being & Academic Performance For the present research study on psychology assignment the relationship among three distinctive factors of sleep, well-being and academic performance, involves Primary Qualitative as well as quantitative paradigm of investigation.


Psychology Assignment: Cross-Cultural Study of Mental Health Beliefs


Task: Psychology Assignment Task:
Carefully read the paper provided:
Sheikh, S. & Furnham, A. (2000).A cross-cultural study of mental health beliefs and attitudes towards seeking professional help. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 35(7):326-334.

Then write an essay to include the following:
Drawing upon appropriate sources of information, and using theories from this module, critically evaluate differences in psychological perspectives between the case study cultures, provide explanations of behaviour and experience across cultures and evaluate the significance of this. Evaluate the methods used for carrying out the research by Sheikh and Furnham (2000), including ethical considerations.


Psychology Assignment: Critical Review On Depression Anxiety & Stress Scale (DASS)


Task: Psychology AssignmentTask:
The following link will take you to the test: Here are the rules you must follow in order for this project to be best possible – please do read carefully. General information of the test: write each section in detail!

• Title of test (including edition and forms if applicable)
• Author(s) of the test
• Publisher, year of publication (including publication year of manuals, norms, and supplementary materials; especially important for tests whose content or norms may become outdated)
• Time required to administer (in minutes)
• Cost

A brief description of the purpose and the nature of the test
• General type (e.g., individual or group, performance, multiple aptitude battery, interest inventory, and so on)
• Population for which the test is designed (age range, type of person)
• Nature of the test content (e.g., verbal, numerical, spatial, motor)
• Sub-tests and separate scores
• Item types

Practical evaluation! This is where we evaluate the tests practicality
• Qualitative features of test materials (e. g. what is the design of test booklet, what is the editorial quality of content, ease of using, attractiveness, durability, appropriateness for test takers)
• Clarity of direction – (basically, how easy is it to follow the directions of Please describe in detail how psychologists will be able to use this test and if it is good for us to use as a test on the patients. The attached refences should help you determine this. The technical evaluation of this test:
• Type (e.g., percentiles, standard scores)
• Standardisation sample (Nature, size, representativeness, procedures followed in sampling, availability of subgroup norms – for age, gender, education, occupation-, region-based subgroups) – describe in detail the standardisation sample.


Psychology Assignment: Development Period of Childhood



Prepare a well-researched psychology assignment reflecting on the development period of the childhood.


Psychology Assignment: Dissertation On Psychological Safety Within Team Members Of Anonymous


Your psychology assignment task is to prepare a dissertation on the topic “Psychological Safety within Teams”.


Psychology Assignment: Well-Being In Society


You are required to write a report on psychology assignment of 2000 words (+/- 10%) that discusses the wellbeing of ONE of the following groups or contexts:

  • Children
  • Young people
  • People with mental health issues
  • Older people
  • Wellbeing in the workplace

You are permitted to use sub-headings in this assessment. Your report should follow this format:

  • Explanation of TWO concepts that relate to wellbeing
  • Discussion of the main issues relating to the wellbeing of your selected group/context
  • Discussion of strategies/initiatives that seek to enhance the wellbeing of your selected group/context


Psychology Assignment: An Article Review on Working Memory


Task: As part of the formal assessment for the program you are required to submit an Advanced Topics in Cognitive Psychology journal article review.

For this psychology assignment you will write a critical review of the following paper:
Kellogg, R. T., Turner, C. E., Whiteford, A. P., &Mertens, A. (2016).The role of working memory in planning and generating written sentences.Journal of Writing Research, 7(3), 397-416.


Psychology Assignment: Impact of Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory & Piaget’s Cognitive Development Theory



Psychology Assignment Brief: Using two (2) of the following theories, discuss the impact of the individual (e.g. preferences, needs, personality, temperament) on his/her own development.

  • Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory
  • Piaget’s Cognitive Development Theory
  • Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory
  • Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory


Psychology Assignment: How Memory Functions In Real-Life Situations?


Task: Write a well-researched and detailed psychology assignment examining how the memory functions under various types of settings in real-life situations.


Psychology Essay on Ethics of Counselling



Psychology Essay Instructions: Write a reflective essay in which you provide an academically sound and theoretically grounded argument on the importance and benefits of self-awareness and critical self-reflection for mental health professionals. This should be referenced in-text and in the reference list.

Further, describe how your values and biases may influence the helping relationship. Your essay should identify specific personal values that have come to your attention through your participation in this module and should include your thoughts about the different family and life experiences that have contributed to establishing your value system.

Critically reflect on how your values may influence the helping relationship and discuss the issue of ‘values imposition’. You should also demonstrate your awareness of how your values can be a source of counsellor strength, as well as impairment, and describe how you intend to deal with your values and biases when these emerge in the helping relationship.


How Harm Minimisation Reduces Negative Impact Of Psychoactive Substance?


Harm Minimisation Essay: Harm minimisation works to reduce the adverse health, social and economic impacts of drug use on communities, families and individuals.

Using the national literature, critically analyze the impact the three pillars of harm minimisation have on reducing drug-related harm in Australia.


Clinical Psychology Assignment: Case Analysis Of A Patient With Psychological Concerns


Clinical Psychology

Karen is a 20 year-old who has been referred to the Clinical Psychology service from her GP. Karen reports feeling low and is experiencing a significant amount of stress about her university studies, noting that she’ll “probably fail.” She spends much of her day in the halls of residence watching Youtube and has a hard time identifying what, if anything, is enjoyable in a typical day. Karen rarely goes to lectures and has avoided seeking help to improve her grades. Karen has always been a self-described shy person and has had a very small group of friends from her childhood. Notably, her level of stress significantly increased when she began university. When meeting new people, she has a hard time concentrating on social interactions because she worries what they will think of her, assuming they will find her “dumb,” or “boring”. After the interaction, she replays the conversation over and over again, focusing on the “stupid” things she said. Karen has begun avoiding her friends and is not answering phone calls or other attempts at communication.

Description of Clinical Psychology Assignment
You are required to write a single 3000-word exploratory case study report on the above case study. The case study report should be no longer than 3000 words (this includes all in-text citations but does not include the reference list).

Content and detailed guidance
The case study report must have the following sections and structure
Section 1: Background Information

In this section, a concise overview (in your own words) of the person being discussed in the case study should be provided drawn from the details provided in the case study notes.

Section 2: Presenting problems
In this section, you should discuss the problems presented in the case study for the individual and link them to theory and research drawn from the individual difference’s literature. Ensure that citations are used to support your claims and a critical analysis is provided of the theory and research drawn upon from individual differences. Section 3: Intervention Provide an outline of a potential intervention that could be provided to address the presenting problems that draw upon the psychological theory and research studies covered in Section 2 above. Ensure that testable hypotheses/research questions are provided along with an outline of the research design and methods that would be used to gather data to evaluate the proposed intervention.

Mistakes to Avoid During Psychology Assignment Writing

If the question on the psychology assignment does not specifically ask for your thoughts, you should refrain from sharing them. Avoid offering arguments that are prejudiced, regardless of how you personally feel about the topic. Always make an effort to provide an assignment answer that is properly balanced.

Be sure to follow the format that is outlined in the psychology assignment question, which may include an introduction, header, paragraphs, in-text citations, and so on. Always be sure to include citations and a bibliography in the appropriate format, according to the directions given.

Never rely on unreliable sources like students working on higher degrees who have written their own papers and published them online, personal blogs, news blogs, and so on. Always seek for reliable sources of information, such as books, library census reports, or official websites maintained by governments. Genuine sources are just as vital to the success of the psychology assignment as the task itself. It provides a solid foundation upon which the arguments, reasons, and observations that support your view can be built.

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Common Questions Searched By Students on Psychology Assignment:

Q1. What Are The Basic Ideas Of Psychology?

Researching the factors that influence human and non-human behavior is the most effective way to gain an understanding of psychology’s fundamental ideas. The field investigates topics like as perception, memory, cognitive development, emotional states, and perception in an effort to decipher the complexities of mental processes that occur throughout an individual’s lifetime.

Q2. How Can You Give An Introduction To The Psychology Assignment?

When writing a paper on psychology, the objective of the beginning is to justify the reasons for writing about the topic you have chosen. The effective principles that you need to follow to properly construct a beginning for a paper on psychology are included below-

  • Research the topic
  • Introduce the topic
  • Offer a well-rounded summary of the previous research
  • Write a hypothesis

Q3. What Are The Main Theories Of Psychology?

The 7 main theories of psychology are-

  • Psychodynamic perspective
  • Behavioural perspective
  • Cognitive perspective
  • Biological perspective
  • Cross-cultural perspective
  • Evolutionary perspective
  • Humanistic perspective

Q4. What Are The Different Goals Of Psychology?

The study of psychology has five key objectives- Understand, Predict, Describe, Influence, Control Behaviour and Enhance the quality of life.

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