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For starters, newbies or freshmen describing yourself to a college committee or an application board may prove to be very cumbersome. Many may lack words to have the personal statements. Use our custom personal statement writing services to make it in your admission.


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Most of our writers have more than 10 years of experience providing customized essay writing services. We are aware of the needs of our clients in regards to the personal statement writing service.

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Who will write my custom personal statement?

The personal statement writing service is in different categories and this makes it very easy for you to select on the best writer for personal statement. Be sure to get a helper for your custom personal statements. You helper will write the best personal statement and meet the needs of your order. The best will not affect your price. Best customer personal statement writers are professional and will start working on your personal statement right away.

For those who want their orders to be completed by more experienced writer who have honed skills and mastered their art, then consider the Advanced category of writers. Advanced essay writers will guarantee you the highest quality of custom research paper and custom essay. You may also choose the native writer category and get assistance from professional helper for whom English is a first language. Be sure that our greatest and advanced custom writers will offer you a perfect academic English written paper with no grammar mistakes. You get flawless papers devoid of errors. Where else if not Assignment Giant, the providers of quality custom essay and personal statement writing service. You can send a request with the statement, “help me with my personal statement” and get immediate response from our experts.

How much will it cost me to get help with my personal statement?

Do you want to know how much your personal statement will cost? Check with us on the order box.

The personal statement writing service that we offer is affordable to most students. The prices for custom essays and custom writing begins at $11 a page. Students are free to set the last fees depending on the requirements set. They set the prices as per the number of pages needed, the deadline and academic level.

For cheap essays and cheap research papers, place your orders early enough. If you need urgent custom papers, urgent essays and urgent research papers written, be ready to pay more. For instance, a one page college-writing essay paper needed in 14 days will cost $11. However, the same paper needed in four hours will cost you $40 a page.

We never charge extra fees for our custom personal statement, as the assignment is not categorized amongst the complex ones. We do not sell essays as we treat the work of our clients confidential and we never at any time resell.

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Our work has been outstanding and clients have left testimonials. To be sure that the personal statement writing service that you get is above board, reliable and timely, read some of the testimonials. Several of our clients admit that our assistance has been important to them in sharpening their writing skills. Our help in personal statement writing services has helped them get a multitude of ideas on how to create their future writing assignments.

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When it comes to writing custom personal statement, the experts turn into psychologists and storytellers. They confidently describe the personalities from the right perspective and this makes the application essay or any other academic essay appealing. Clients consider the custom essays that they receive from us a reference, some motivation and use them as a guide on how personal statement needs to look like. Never ignore this lifetime opportunity of learning from the best. Consider ordering your tasks from the experts.

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What do we guarantee with our essay writing service?

You have been looking for reliable writing service? Look no further! We are reliable writing service and offer our clients several guarantees that applies to each order that we help them tackle. We are there to help whether it is a custom essay, custom term paper, personal statement, application essay, admission essay or even research critiques and case studies. We are grateful to the team of writers, support team, quality control managers and every customer as through them ordering becomes easy and a possibility.

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The writing of each request is done as per the customer’s instructions, the order requirements, and full description of life experience while covering all the ideas that one indicates in the order form. We are legit and original paper writers. It means that we do not use pre-written papers or essay mills. We are top-notch paper providers and check for grammar issues and plagiarism. Quality and authentic papers is our mantra!

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To ensure that your visits to our website remain anonymous, we safeguard your confidentiality. We have secure cybersecurity software and any storage of private information is per the GDPR. We ensure that our writers retain confidentiality of the papers they prepare by signing a non-disclosure agreement. This means that details of your personality and the essays that you order from us remain very confidential.

Refund Policy

We offer full reimbursement in case you decide to cancel your order and our writer has not commenced working on it. You may also apply for partial refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of our writing service. You will get your money back. At all times, you are here just for the paper writing help that you have signed up for.

Free Revisions

Should you feel that the custom personal statements you get from us do not meet your expectations, and you have noticed a few flaws in the paper you have paid for, we request that you apply for a free revision. The free revision will assist you to address any discrepancies that may exist between your essay and the initial instructions. We want you to get satisfied!



Getting help with the personal statement from the company is easier than you may anticipate. Nonetheless, a few steps will have to apply for one to get personalized assistance in essay writing. First, fill up the order form. During this time, upload all the additional information that you may want the online helper to use to create your personal statement. The information may include your background, experience and skills.

Also, be very specific with the requirements. For instance, the specific requirements would be, “I need you to do my assignment in this particular way” or “Please write my personal statement using this information.” It will offer an expert a better idea of how to provide the needed assistance.

Upon submitting the order requirements, the next step will be to have the request on the payment page. While at it, we assure you of safety with your credit cards. We abide to the highest standards of trustworthy international payment systems.

Upon receiving your money, we assign you a writer. The writer will be a perfect match and fit for your requirements. You will then be able to communicate with the writer assigned to you through your account and offer all the additional details to your paper.

Once your personal statement is ready, we will send it to you for revision. Make sure that you like every aspect of it and then approve your order. You can ask for free editing if you want any changes made to your paper, customized essay, research paper, lab report or coursework.

After receiving your assignment and in editable format, we may request you to leave your feedback about our service. Your comments and recommendations help us to improve our service every day and we become better at our business.


Let me explain why our personal statement writing help is so popular. Writing a high-quality personal statement appears to be a difficult task. How do you fit your entire life and personality into a few pages of writing? Furthermore, the outcome of your academic or professional career will be determined by these few paragraphs. Set your concerns aside. We will attempt to teach you the fundamentals how to write a good personal statement. If it does not work, you may always turn to our expert writers for assistance.

First and foremost, your personal statement’s content. It is critical to select the appropriate items to include in the essay. You have a limited amount of room and will most likely be unable to convey everything you want. Most educational institutions will allow you up to 600 words, which is around two pages. If you are writing a professional personal statement, keep it to half a page or less, which means you will be able to include even less information.

The best course of action is to review the personal statement standards set forth by your admissions program. It will almost certainly offer you a decent idea of what to include in your essay, and you can go from there. Now try to organize your thoughts without regard for the length restriction. You do not even need to create them complete sentences; simply sketch out your perfect personal statement. Include your abilities and experience, work experience (if any), and any personal characteristics you can explain without bragging.

Once you have finished your essay map, consider which information is unnecessary and may be omitted without compromising the text’s impact. Do not be afraid to take your time with this — it may seem like a long way to go, but this paper is far too important to write in a hurry. Make sure your ideas flow smoothly once you have all of the material you want to include in your personalized personal statement. Being able to organize your thoughts in an appealing manner is an important step toward standing out from the mass of possible candidates.

Make sure your personal statement is appropriate for the university or position you are looking for. Admissions personnel and recruiters read several applications per day, so clichés will be obvious, and your application will be sent into the “Rejected” queue. Learn more about the institution, program, or job opportunity. Customize your statement to demonstrate your understanding of the position you’re applying for. This will make you stand out and demonstrate that you are dedicated enough to conduct study before to applying. People enjoy reading about themselves, and the fact that you took the time to learn about them and desire to apply to their program ahead of the competition may offer you an advantage when it comes to making the final decision.