Are you in search for the best nursing personal statement? You are in the right place. We understand that in most cases, having a career in nursing is very rewarding, however, for one to be a competent nurse, they have to undergo right education and have elaborate practical experience. The application process to get the course is often mind boggling and one is expected to have a high level of care upon being qualified. This means that one has to create captivating personal statement for them to qualify for nursing school admission. Be sure to get award winning nursing personal statement from Assignment Giant

What is Nursing Personal Statement?

For most of the nurse course application, the nursing personal statement accompanies them. The nursing personal statements help in supporting the application that one makes. The application details experience, grades and qualifications. Through the nursing personal statement, one gets their personal element added to their application and within it, one may choose to talk about their passion for nursing, their level of dedication and hard work and when also covering the reasons for being a nurse.

What to include in a personal statement for nursing school?

Certain pieces of information are relevant when writing a personal statement for a nursing course.


You should share education status that links to nursing which can involve any GCSEs or A Levels that you could be having. Many people are asking, “I have GCSE, do I qualify for a nursing course?”

Consider the different certifications or training that you may have achieved and given you certain skills like first aid or CPR. It is necessary to consider the practical skills that you have learned and how you have considered pursuing a career in nursing due to the skills.

Volunteer Work

Consider inclusion of volunteer work if you have undertaken any. During this time, it is necessary to mention the experiences, more so the ones that relate to nursing. Successful nursing course application will not rely on volunteer work but will consider the volunteer experience that may help. It will allow you to showcase how the experiences prove that they are committed to nursing while discussing the responsibilities and skills learned.

Work Experience

It is necessary to mention the work experience and its relation to nursing. For instance, if you have experience delivering in care role, then it will help to support your university application and show that you have experience of working in a care setting. Nonetheless, if you do not have experience working in such a setting, you need to consider opportunities and discuss the skills and responsibilities that accompanied your roles. You can deal in the significance of teamwork or how to manage some of the responsibilities. You can also show how they can be transferred to nursing.


It is necessary to discuss some of the skills that you have that is necessary for nursing. Discussing the skills will offer you with the chance of showing how it relates to the nursing environment. It may also include having the ability of understanding and being compassionate while you may also consider discussing how good you are at working under pressure.

Personal Reasons

Under this, you have to discuss the rationale for yearning to be a nurse. It is an opportunity for one to have a personal touch and assist the reader get clear insights of who they are. At this point, source of inspiration will be explained. Are you inspired by someone you know is a nurse or do you have experience being treated by nurses and appreciated their significant role?


Under this, it becomes important to share unique traits that you may have. Consider sharing information on the things that would make you a great nurse. In case you are applying for a specialist nursing course, then the aim needs to be highlighting of traits that relate to the role. Perhaps you spent time caring for an elderly relative or have experience working with children as it may help when applying for some of the courses.

How to write a nursing personal statement

Do research about the course. When you research about the university nursing course, you will freely apply your knowledge to the personal statement writing. Nursing personal statements makes it very possible to state why the course appeals to you and offers tangible reasons for it. It is necessary that you carry out research on all the courses that you are applying for in the universities. It will ensure that you can write a personal statement that suits one.

Following the Instructions

University course application have instructions relating to what the personal statement needs to have. They may also have particular topics that you have to cover. It will be important for you to read the directions and follow them. It will be a proof that you can stick to the right directions and instructions.

Considering Motivations

You need to consider what is likely making you consider being a nurse. The considerations includes your motivations and experiences. You will be able to come up with a list of information that you can include in personal statement for the nursing school. Nonetheless, you have to ensure that the motivations and reasons for choice relate to the instructions.

Sharing Your Story

The personal statement for nursing school can be created with so much of personal touch and intent. Personal touch for the personal statement is achieved through sharing of your story. It will be possible to digest and the reader will find it easy to remember. You can also have story that relates to the passion meant for pursuing a career in nursing while getting back to it in the statement.

Before Submitting Personal Statement, Proof read it!

After completing the writing of nursing personal statement, take time to read it. You have to check and figure out that it is flowing properly, reads well and the message is properly delivered. Flawless grammar ensures that the messages is effectively passed across. Attempt at reading it out loud and seek to understand if it is easy to comprehend and if errors can easily be checked. You can also consider asking others to read it and review it and then offer the required feedback.

How Long Should the Personal Statement for Nursing School Be?

Be keen and check on the requirements in the university application form. The university application form states how long a personal statement needs to be. An average personal statement length is approximately 500 to 1,000 words. This is nearly 3 to 4 pages double spaced size.

The aim needs to be making the personal statement very concise so that one finds it very easy to read. It needs to be clear and simple to comprehend. Avoid writing more than the set word count because it is likely to show that one cannot adhere to requests and may work against you. It can mean that you will have to enforce the changes and write afresh the personal statement so that it meets the intended requirements.

What is the Best opening sentences for nursing personal statement?

I want to write the best opening sentence for nursing personal statement, how should I go about it? The writing for nursing personal statement needs to make an impact. Whether it is UCAS personal statement or not, the reader needs to remain hooked to it. Right from the opening sentences, the reader needs to remain yearning and expecting to read more from the statement.

Some of the clichés that one has to avoid when writing nursing personal statement includes:

“The reason I am applying for this course is because….”

“Since I was young I….”

“I have always had an interest in nursing….”

“Throughout my entire life I have always had a passion…”

The intention is to ensure that the statements stand out right from the first line. Avoid these clichés being seen in the opening sentences of UCAS personal statements. The opening statements for the personal statements need to be unique and excellent.

It may be very challenging to start with the opening sentences. So, you may want to consider about starting with the second paragraph or waiting up to the time you have completed personal statement.  It is simple when one ties the opening statement with the rest of the content of the personal statement, and this makes it feel very personal.

Best Personal Statement Template

When creating the UCAS personal statement, you need to follow a proper format to ensure that it remains properly structured. The best format to stick to includes:

Paragraph 1- The opening statement has to be very catchy. The statement explains the reason or story as to why you want to be a nurse. It will assist in creating a connection.

Paragraph 2- Ensure you transition properly and have an outstanding topic sentence. At this juncture, you can explore your work experience and education. Discuss all the relevant qualifications or the certifications.

Paragraph 3- Discuss all the skills possessed. Consider the skills possessed mostly the ones relating to the role. Offer the evidence that can support the skills.

Paragraph 4- At this point offer explanation on what makes you a wonderful nursing candidate. Explain why you are enrolling on the course.

Conclusion- This is summary of the writing and you have to complete by detailing the reasons why you are interested in enrolment on the course. You need to ensure that the conclusion links to the opening sentences or story.

Nursing Personal Statement Example

The example of nursing personal statement helps in guiding the user. It provides any interested party with an idea of how the personal statement has to be structured and how it needs to read.