How to Title an Essay, Complete Guide

An essay’s success or failure often depends on its title. So, what are some of the most interesting ideas that you may come up with to entice your readers to start reading your paper? This article will explain how to title an essay, research paper, article, and even a book, and its overall purpose is to fulfil that goal.

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Why Are Titles Important in Essays?

Even though a person’s name is not generally the most crucial section of an essay, it is still an essential component. It is a significant factor that the readers will consider when deciding whether or not to read the material. An excellent essay title will also provide a synopsis of the essay structure that will be presented in the body of the document in the most condensed form possible. The perfect name is one that can be expanded upon in the body of the text.

What is a Good Essay Title?

Identifying the topic of the essay, including relevant keywords, and ensuring that the title is compelling are the three essential components of a strong essay title. The article’s headline should not only identify the common essay subjects, but it should also make this information very obvious. In addition to it, there should be a selection of keywords, often ones that are relevant to the issue being discussed. Last but not least, a compelling title attracts attention and motivates people to continue reading.

What to Avoid When Writing an Essay Title?

Finding fascinating things to include as headings on essays can be difficult for some people. One piece of advice is to maintain a professional tone at all times and to steer clear of anything negative, offensive, or contentious. Even the cover page can be formatted correctly with the help of an APA title page generator.

Getting off to a solid start requires maintaining an optimistic attitude. Even if the subject matter is depressing, make an effort to avoid using pessimistic language. The wording chosen for good essay titles is also important for drawing in a larger number of potential readers. In conclusion, the tone of an essay should be objective; avoid giving too much personal information.

How to Choose a Good Title for an Essay

A headline that is uninteresting will not attract anyone’s attention. Your teacher or reader should be intrigued by your headline, and it should encourage them to continue reading the body of the paper. A teacher cannot provide an objective grade to a student’s work if they have not read the complete assignment. When you are doing the custom writing of an essay, having a catchy attention grabber that stands out is quite important because it is one of the first things that readers notice.


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The act of giving a title to an article is not the same as naming a research report. An essay is more concerned with drawing attention to itself and making a favorable impression on its audience. The goal of a research paper is to provide evidence in support of a particular claim or to investigate and present potential solutions to an existing issue.

Every student ought to be familiar with how to select an effective title for an essay. The first step is to engage in some brainstorming. When coming up with ideas, keep in mind that the end goal is to elicit a response along the lines of “Oh my gosh, I want to read the full narrative.” If a reader pays attention to the title, they should be able to figure out what the paper is about. The primary idea is encapsulated in its entirety inside the title. How many characters should an appropriate essay title have? However, despite the fact that less is always better, the title of your work really ought to convey its primary purpose.

Let’s get a better understanding of the characteristics that every title ought to have before you begin to organize your thoughts in your head. A strong headline should always be:

  • Attractive – this goes without saying. We all prefer reading something that is not boring.
  • Believable – The majority of students will attempt to make their titles interesting in such a way that they deviate from the facts, which will result in an erroneous headline. The one thing that will irritate your teacher more than anything else is a title that doesn’t deliver.
  • Easy to read – No one, not even your instructor, like reading titles that are overly convoluted or difficult to comprehend. Avoid using odd terms, jargon, and intricate structures as much as possible.
  • Active voice – If your title includes verbs, you should always make sure that they are in the active voice rather than the passive voice. 
  • Short – make your essay title brief because long headlines can be confusing.
  • Accurate – You should under no circumstances ever compose an inaccurate essay title, and this is true regardless of the subject matter or field.

Other rules for how to create a good title:

  • Title every section of writing: While you’re working on your paper, come up with some engaging subheadings to give each paragraph its own personality. In addition, they give the appearance of order and clarity to the text. 
  • The title must bear the theme of the text: choose a title that summarizes the essay. 
  • Capitalize all words with certain exceptions: In the title, just the first letter of each word should be capitalized; however, pronouns, articles, prepositions, and conjunctions should not have their first letters capitalized.
  • Avoid underlining the title: Because themes are already presented in boldface, highlighting them would equate to placing too much focus on them. If you absolutely must emphasize a certain word, it is recommended that you do not bold it.
  • Review the final version of the title: Check the final version of the title for errors in grammar, structure, spelling, and other areas before submitting it. This step is quite important. Have another look over it to assess whether or not the title does the piece justice. Check to see if the subject matter is interesting enough to hold the attention of your reader. 
  • When using a colon in your title, follow the rules: Since we are discussing the rules for punctuation at this time, let’s talk about the colon: when you have two interesting subjects to talk about, separate them with a colon.

How to come up with a Title for an Essay: Student’s Guide

An essay’s title doesn’t have to be difficult to write, but there are some fundamental guidelines that should be followed. The following advice will assist you in maintaining your progress and avoiding any of the typical roadblocks that may arise.

Essay Goes First

You should never begin with the title! If you write it before the rest of the text, the remainder of the text will be based on it, however the proper order is for it to be written after the rest of the text. If you want to have a clear concept of what should make sense to the reader, writing an article prior to choosing a heading will provide you that clarity. Read through the completed paper several times before settling on a title for it.

The title should be the very last item you develop because this will give you more time to work on other aspects of the essay, such as the outline, the research, or the actual writing of the paper.

Consider Your Paper Style

What exactly are you going to write about? What kind of format does your paper take, and are you writing an academic essay or a more free-form kind of essay like a narrative essay? If you are going to write an essay on the topic “Do those who commit horrific crimes deserve the death penalty?” then the title of your essay should not be comical; rather, it should be direct and get to the point.

Feel free to come up with a humorous title if the question you plan to cover is “Why do people appreciate watching hilarious cat videos?” Determine the mood of your essay and use that to inspire the title you give it, keeping in mind the subject matter of the essay.

The tone can be:

  • Serious – “The effects of climate change”
  • Funny – “How animals are subservient”
  • Amiable – “Ways to address victimization”
  • Persuasive – “Why every CEO needs to be multitalented”
  • Informative – “How to care for your garden”

Keep It Short and Simple

The naming of the paper is the primary purpose of a title. It is not necessary to summarize the entire plot in the heading, nor is it necessary to offer any information that is not relevant. In a few words, please summarize your paper. One further way to accomplish this is to include a brief summary of your thesis statement, which should represent the overarching concept of your paper. Reduce the scope of your thesis down to three or four words. Imagine that you are writing the headline for your favorite newspaper or the tagline for Nike. What would you include?

Use Relevant Words

Don’t use fancy words! Take 2-3 main words (keywords), put them together, and stop wasting your time. Avoid jargon and abbreviations.

Involve a Little Bit of SEO

Any student or young writer can profit from search engine optimization (SEO), which is an area of study that is becoming increasingly popular. Find the words that are connected to the most important aspect of the paper while you are working on the title. After typing the words into the Google search area, add the word “quote” to the end of the phrase. When you use a search engine, it will bring up a lot of different web pages that have quotations embedded in the text. Choose the piece that appeals to you the most. In this manner, one can obtain the knowledge necessary to learn how to produce an original title for an essay.

Get Help Online

If you are not prepared to pay for any online resources, you can make use of a free title generator that is provided by one of the academic services that are available on the internet. It is important to keep in mind that these kinds of tools are not even a tenth as effective as a professional writing service such as AssignmentGiant.

Final Tips

Discover several more tips from experts:

  • Never forget the “What,” “Who,” “When,” “How,” “Why,” and “Where” questions (if you start with one of these questions, your title has a chance of getting noticed);
  • Come up with an unexpected image not related to the selected topic;
  • Sometimes, starting with a lie increases the chances of a title being able to catch an eye;
  • Review our catchy essay title examples.

Bad vs. Good Essay Titles

The most effective essay titles condense the content of the work into a few key phrases. A writer needs to give some thought to both the structural choices they make in their essays as well as the stylistic choices they make. The following are a few samples from an experienced essay writer that will show you what distinguishes good essay titles from bad essay titles.

BAD: The Most Poisonous Frog – Not clear enough.
: A Deadly Beauty: The Evolution of Skin Coloration and Toxicity of the Poison Dart Frog – It’s clear.

BAD: An Overview of the Development of Subcultures and an Analysis of the Ways in Which They Evolve in Response to the Evolving Socioeconomic Climate – Too long and complicated.
: Reconsidering Counterculture in Contemporary Society – Informative enough, brief, and to the point. 

Poor titles are unable to convey any sense of perspective to the listener. They frequently make broad statements, which renders them inadequate. It is possible to make a title useful and convincing by giving it structure and adding pertinent information to it.

Following the discussion on how to compose a title for an essay, it is time to move on to the next topic and look at some samples.

Mistakes to Avoid in Essay Titles

  • Avoid negative themes,sensitive issues, and unethical or immoral subjects. 
  • Avoid making your negative past public: Your negative past belongs to you as a student, they do not belong in your writings. 
  • Do not ask the wrong questions: If you fail to ask the right questions that are relevant to your field of study, you risk choosing the wrong topic.
  • Avoid being too personal: As revealed earlier, your bad past belongs to you – avoid exposing it in your essay. Keep your essay professional by not including your own life in it.
  • Do not neglect your teacher’s requirement: Ensure you understand your professor’s requirement; if you don’t, you might end up choosing the wrong topic. It might warrant you a bad grade and result in your frustration and a waste of your time.

70 Catchy Essay Title Examples

The following are some good titles for essays that you can use as inspiration when coming up with your own title. If you require assistance with your history essay, all you have to do is tell us to “rewrite my essay,” and our specialists will assist you.

Examples of Argumentative Essay Titles

  • The significance of ties to one’s family
  • Why the practice of prostitution should never be made legal
  • The Trojan Horse: An In-Depth Analysis of the Occurrence
  • It’s Just a Painting: A Look at Why Art Is Important
  • There should be a higher minimum age to purchase alcohol.
  • The practice of sentencing juveniles serves no purpose.
  • The ownership of firearms is permitted in order to protect our lives.
  • Cameras in Public Places: An Added Layer of Safety or an Invasion of Privacy?
  • Why does today’s cosmetic surgery pose a risk to children and adolescents?
  • The Ethical Implications of Euthanasia

Examples of Persuasive  Essay Titles

  • Adventures of an Introvert: Life is Better Off Alone Than With Other People
  • When Sorrow Feels Better Than Excitement
  • Atheism Is the Most Appropriate Religion
  • When Sorrow Feels Better Than Excitement
  • A Tale of Love and Allergies: Reasons to Avoid Flowers in the Spring;
  • Never Judge an Employee Based on Their Tattoos;
  • Illegal Immigrants Have the Right to Remain in the United States;
  • Heinous Crimes Deserve Nothing Else But the Death Penalty;
  • A Tale of Love and Allergies;
  • How the educational process can benefit from the use of video games in schools
  • It is high time for women to start wearing clothing that is less exposing in an effort to stop men from catcalling them
  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of Employing a Candidate who Smokes

Examples of Creative Essay Titles

  • The day I become a new adult, I said goodbye to my childhood
  • The influence of music on my life, specifically how listening to heavy metal helped me grow as a person
  • The reasons why I look up to Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • The Age at Which Conversations About Sexuality Should Begin
  • If children were compensated for good grades, would this motivate them to do better in school?
  • How old exactly is the personal computer, anyway?
  • Which Methods of Childrearing Are Most Effective?
  • The Various Accents of the English Language Serve as a Connecting Link Between Varied Dimensions
  • The Influence That Relationships Between People of the Same Sexual Orientation Have Had on Today’s World
  • The Impact That Instagram Has on Today’s Younger Generation

Examples of Catchy Essay Titles

  • Elon Musk: Genius or Insane?
  • What we Know and Don’t Know About Artificial Intelligence and How It Could Either Save or Destroy Humanity
  • Thanks to advancements in technology, problems that are thousands of years old can potentially be solved.
  • The experience of virtual reality and the prospect of traveling through time
  • The Story of Two Countries, North and South Korea, Following Years of Conflict
  • The Role That Mathematics Has Played Throughout the Course of Human History
  • The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Success in the Real Estate Industry
  • 10 Tips for Raising Happy and Responsible Children in the 21st Century
  • The Mafia Manager’s Secrets to Successful Business Management
  • How to Start an Online Business From Scratch and Grow It to a Million-Dollar Enterprise in This Digital Age
  • E-Commerce: Multi-Million-Dollar Virtual Business Empire

Examples of Research Paper Titles

  • The Importance of Cybersecurity in Today’s World
  • E-Business as a Means of Creating New Paths for Bookstores
  • Ethics as the Most Important Thing, Even Above Feelings
  • Managing a Successful Retail Business Via the Internet in the 21st Century
  • Contracting Work to Third Parties for Large Businesses
  • Fraud and other Forms of White-Collar Crime on Wall Street
  • The Admissions Process Followed by American Universities and Colleges
  • The Impact That Quarantine Has Had On Local Companies And Shops
  • Guidance for Seniors in High School Regarding Financial Planning for College
  • The Effects That Being Home-Schooled Can Have On Adolescents

Examples of College Essay Titles

  • Is Mobile Telephony Changing the Way We Communicate?
  • Illegal Immigrants in the United States in 2020
  • The Problem of Homelessness in Modern Society
  • Is it Possible to Remain Informed While Reading Humorous and Satirical News?
  • What Exactly Is Meant When People Speak of “Fake News,” and How Does This Affect the Media
  • Is there such a thing as “unbiased reporting,” and if so, how does one go about locating it?
  • What the Most Valuable Role for News Reporters in This Digital Age Is, and How to Maintain That Role
  • Can the Damage Done to the Brain by Drugs Be Reversed, and If So, How?
  • What Marijuana Does to Your Brain
  • Is It Possible to Benefit from Learning How to Have Lucid Dreams?

English Essay Titles Examples

  • The day I turned a new adulthood page in my life
  • Why Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my hero;
  • The appropriate age to start discussing sex;
  • Would children be better off alone when being paid for the grades;
  • The power of music: how heavy metal changed my life;
  • The way music can change your life;
  • The way heavy metal changed my life;
  • The way heavy metal changed the way heavy metal changed my life;
  • How many years does a personal computer actually have under its belt?
  • Which approaches of childrearing are effective?
  • The numerous varieties of the English language, which act as a bridge between other worlds
  • The revolutionary nature of Instagram as it relates to the realm of social media
  • The influence that same-sex couples have had on the modern world

Title-writing is a process, and you should treat it like that. While writing your essay, you may work like a painter who has space, but when creating your title, you need to compress your entire message and topic into just one simple, brief yet clear and catchy phrase. Take your time to not rush it—of course, if your deadline allows you.

GIAN’S TAKE: Things you need to remember for your title:

  • Your Title should be an attention grabber
  • It reflects the tone of your essay 
  • Your readers need to be able to understand what your essay is about
  • It should contain some main keywords from your essay