How Does Examity Work? Cheating Examity and How to Detect it

When students take online exams for any of their classes, the Examity online proctoring service ensures that their work is completely honest and free from any form of cheating. Examity is used because there is a requirement to maintain the validity of examinations, and as a result, it provides a streamlined experience for online proctoring.

Examity is a great aid when it comes to scheduling, maintaining the exam setup, and making the process of taking a test easy to understand and straightforward. In addition to this, it offers a variety of adaptable scheduling choices for online classes.

Examity, which provides an online proctoring service, helps to alleviate a multitude of problems that are associated with the process of administering examinations to online distance learners. By providing a variety of services, including the authentication of examinations and assistance to students as they take online tests, it aims to reduce instances of students dishonestly trying to get an advantage.

In the end, Examity is able to capture a student’s activity via their computers while they are taking an exam. These include movements of the eyes and body, but the motions of the hands, as well as any engagement with a third party or usage of a mobile phone, are of particular relevance.

Because of this, it is extremely challenging to cheat when utilizing Examity due to the fact that all of your activities and motions are being recorded.

Learning institutions and colleges who use Examity are able to integrate recorded, live, or complete proctoring into their exam taking platforms. This provides students with a more secure environment in which to take their exams. When employing live proctors who are based at a monitored proctored center, the proctors assist the students in setting up their computers for the exam. This is especially true when using live proctors. Since it is able to detect eye movements and turns of the head, which are two of the most prominent symptoms of cheating, it is simple to determine whether or not a student is dishonest.

Examity is able to identify cheating by using proctoring software to monitor and highlight questionable activity carried out by the students. Examity is able to access the computers of the students, monitor their IP addresses, capture video and audio, and prohibit them from switching tabs through the use of proctor tools.

Students are monitored and proctored at specific times and locations over the internet. During the time that the student is taking the online exam, it is also possible to detect whether or not the student is utilizing a mobile phone or any other helpful material.

The instructor will receive a video report of any illegal or suspicious behavior that occurs throughout the exam. This report will be taken by the webcam and sent to the teacher. The trainer, based on their analysis of the students’ video responses, can determine the most effective next steps to take.

How Examity Auto-Proctoring prevents or detects Cheating

Examity’s auto-proctoring feature is powered by AI (artificial intelligence) software, and it serves as a proctor for online examinations. Since it is able to track secondary devices via IP addresses, it effectively freezes all programs in such a way that they cannot be opened, new tabs cannot be accessed, and one cannot use a phone.

It is able to observe the student’s facial expression as well as any suspicious behavior, such as leaving the room or conversing with another person during the test.

Examity is responsible for determining whether the individual who is taking the exam is in fact the authentic person who is meant to be taking the exam. In most instances, the student’s identification card is scanned by the camera that is attached to Examity. This is done when proctoring using Examity by universities.

In addition to that, it is necessary for the student to use the laptop and the webcam in order to perform a scan of the entire room. In the event that there is something on the desk, you are required to scan it and display it to the instructor. However, the student is asked to put their phone away during the entire class.

In addition to that, Examity offers verification services, one of which is face recognition technology, which demonstrates that the test-takers are in fact the same people who have presented themselves as in the past. This is accomplished through a speech matching system in addition to a fingerprint scanning device, all of which are included within the mobile authentication device.

How to Cheat on Examity

Despite the fact that cheating is not a smart idea and that your school will almost certainly report it, there are some students who continue to consider it as a viable choice. In this section, we will discuss a variety of ways in which students cheat on Examity, as well as strategies that schools can do to combat cheating not only on online exams but also in traditional classroom settings.

1. Use thin paper

A student can write or print notes on a sheet of paper that is very thin. Because it is important for the learner to be able to see the notes, the font size shouldn’t be excessively large or excessively small.

After that, you can position the paper so that it is atop the keyboard frame and at the bottom of the computer screen. This is the point on the screen when the frame of the screen and the keyboard come together.

This point functions as a blind area, meaning that the webcam is unable to pick up any item that is positioned at this point. You are able to easily cheat as long as the notes are accessible because the supervisor is unable to see it, and as a result, it will not be noticed.

2. Hiding the phone but making it accessible

Before beginning the scan of all 360 degrees using the webcam, the student can conceal their mobile device if they are working from a desktop computer. Because the software will be on the watch for any hand or body movements, the phone shouldn’t be set very far away from you at any point.

A case that is complementary to the desk can be used to conceal the phone. After that, it will be simple to position the phone in the previously specified blind region, where you will be able to scroll gently without drawing the attention of the instructor.

Turn off the WiFi on the phone so that it is more difficult for the app to identify your IP address. This will allow you to use the phone more successfully.

Start using your device’s 4G mobile data, which cannot be followed back to its original source. Since the blind spot will not be identified, you are free to navigate the website while you are there.

3. Dimming Your lights

First, adjust the screen’s brightness so that it is as bright as possible, then put on some eyewear that will protect your eyes from the additional light. You are able to write whatever you want from the phone as long as the lights are dim and you have it with you. You can scroll through the phone.

Because of the dim setting that you have chosen, the teacher and the AI program will not be able to detect any eye or hand motions that you make because both will have been obscured by the strong glare from the screen.

The software is normally quite sensitive to these motions, but because of the low light, it cannot identify them.

4. A beanie Cap and Bluetooth Headphones

Here you need to have a beanie cap that covers the ears, Bluetooth headphones and another person possibly a friend. Put on the Bluetooth earbuds and the beanie that will conceal the ears.

The friend can offer you the answers as you take the exam without the instructor seeing you or proctor knowing. For ladies it can even be easier if you wore a wig or a scarf since either will precisely hide your ears.

5. Adjustment of Lens Quality Using Tape or Vaseline

Using this method requires making adjustments to the lens quality of the webcam. One option is to apply a thin layer of jelly to the webcam, and another is to cover it with a piece of clear tape.

Since the lens will be slightly blurry, the AI will have a tough time detecting any movement, whether it be eye, hand, or mouse movement. This applies to all movements. This helps reduce the likelihood of the software raising an alarm about potentially malicious behavior.

6. Screen mirroring

In this situation, the one requires a wireless mouse, a phone that is equipped with the WhatsApp application, and a companion. In order to utilize a wireless mouse with a smartphone, the device must be kept on the screen at all times.

It will appear as though you are using the computer screen even though you are actually using the phone when you make use of wireless technology. Put an HDMI cable through the door so it can reach your friend who is on the other side.

The friend will be able to see the question, figure out the solution for you, and then send it to you via WhatsApp after they’ve finished. The student can get assistance in navigating a proctored exam using all of the options that have been outlined above.

How schools prevent Examity cheating

Both during the process of making the exam and while it is being monitored, measures are taken to prevent students from cheating on Examity. Examity utilizes a variety of strategies, similar to those utilized by other anti-cheating applications like as ALEKS, to not only identify instances of cheating but also to prevent their occurrence.

1. Setting Pictorial Exams

During the process of creating a test, the teacher makes sure that the exam cannot be readily copied and pasted on other search engines. The test is provided to the student in either a pictorial or a screenshot format. Because of this, it is less likely that the student will just copy and paste the query into a search engine like Google.

In addition, the test should focus more on application than it should on direct response, and it should be something that does not require the student to consult their notes or conduct an internet search.

2. Strict Monitoring

Students are required to take their exams at designated locations and must comply with a number of severe requirements. In order to prevent impersonation, they are required to present identification photos along with their school identification card.

In addition, before to the beginning of the examinations, the students are required to complete a full-room search using a 360-degree camera in order to reduce the likelihood of cheating.

3. Webcam and Proctoring

The instructor is able to see any movements made by the pupils since they are being watched by webcams that have been placed at a distance from them. This allows the webcams to provide a clear picture of what the students are doing.

During the time that they are taking their exams, the students are also asked to have their microphones turned on. This is done so that they can prevent communicating with anyone else who may be present in the testing setting.

If the microphone is turned on, the instructor can also hear if students are conspiring about the answers to the questions while they are taking the test.

4. Punishment for Examity cheating

Cheating in any form prevents a student from achieving the goals they set out to achieve while they were in class. Examity implements obvious methods that are designed to detect cheating and, as a result, discourages students from engaging in dishonest behavior.

Those who are caught cheating on Examity are subject to a penalty, the nature of which is determined by the level of dishonesty involved. It is possible to be expelled from college or even suspended from classes based on the laws of the school.

There are several institutions that have a policy of either canceling or withholding exam results, which results in the student being required to retake the course and then the exam.

Can Examity see your Screen?

When checked by a proctor Through the use of the webcam, Examity is able to monitor your progress while you complete the test. Students are connected to a proctor on the day of the exam, and the proctor instructs them to disable any pop-up blockers that may be enabled on their browsers before the start of the exam.

The student is obliged to demonstrate their proficiency with computers in a test.

After the students have successfully connected to a proctor, they will next share both their webcam and their screen in order to facilitate the authentication process.

The proctor will next keep an eye on everything that the student does during the exam.

FAQs on Examity and Cheating

Can you be caught cheating on Examity?

Yes. Examity is able to determine whether or not you are cheating because it is able to recognize certain actions. These behaviors include turning of the head, hand movements, efforts to pick up a book or other reference material, and attempts to access your cell phone.

All of these are recorded in a video that is produced by the camera, which records everything that takes place in front of it. Additionally, the AI software is able to identify instances of cheating, which may then be readily reported by your instructor on the opposite side.

Can Examity see your screen?

Through the use of the webcam, Examity is able to monitor your progress on the test while it is being proctored. Students are connected to a proctor on the day of the exam, and the proctor instructs them to disable any pop-up blockers that may be enabled on their browsers before the start of the exam.

The student is obliged to demonstrate their proficiency with computers in a test. After the students have successfully connected to a proctor, they will next share both their webcam and their screen in order to facilitate the authentication process. The proctor will next keep an eye on everything that the student does during the exam.

Do you need a webcam for Examity?

The camera is required given that it provides the proctor with the ability to monitor the progress of the exam through real-time video. It is necessary for the student to be able to move the webcam around and take pictures from a variety of angles in order to demonstrate what is happening in the entire room. Most laptops come with a webcam already installed, and those that don’t can be purchased separately.

Why is Examity bad

It depends on whose point of view we are taking into consideration here as to whether or not secrecy is a positive or negative trait. Examity is a venture that is seen as negative and unappealing by the pupils since they believe that it is too creepy and stiff. The idea that someone would want to investigate your room or residence because they suspect you of committing theft is both bothersome and embarrassing.

Examity does not permit the students to move in any way, including receiving phone calls or simply moving an inch, while they are taking the exam. Because of this, it is not an appealing strategy for students to use because, to be precise, it is extremely intrusive on one’s privacy.

The instructors think that it is a very good means of providing tests remotely and efficiently monitoring them with minimal incidences of cheating, and because of this, they think that it should be something that is maintained going.

Does Examity track eye movement?

Yes. Examity monitors how a person’s eyes move in relation to their webcam image. Your eye movement will be monitored as you take the test to detect any attempts at cheating or covert communication with a third party.

Can Examity see your hands?

Due to the fact that it uses the webcam that records you, Examity is able to see your hands while you are taking the exam. The webcam can capture an all-encompassing view of the space, including everything in it, not just your body parts. Your hands will be recorded by the webcam while you use them, and the instructor will be able to watch the videos of your hands on their screens.